Cover Up ! “Aketesia”

In contemporary times one might have noticed  how most ladies and even married women put on clothes that reveal parts of their bodies which hitherto were considered sacred to the glare of the public.

This deviant behavior in our society these days is gradually eating into the moral fiber of our country which should not be condoned.

Years ago, women were the center of morality and  decency. Hardly will you come by a Ghanaian woman dressed in a seductive, sexual or tempting way. Today, it is  uncommon to see majority of women decently dressed.

Some women even go to the extent of taking shots of their naked bodies and uploading them on social media all in their quest to get more likes,  comments and followers on social media. Some too walk about without braziers just to give freedom to their nipples to pierce through their dresses. This has made majority of bloggers to describe such ladies as ‘ashawobrities’. Due to the influence these ladies have on social media, they are gradually getting some females to thread this same path hence the emergence of ‘slay queens’.

Notwithstanding the fact that most women long to appear in fashionable clothes that might boost their confident level and also regard them as classy, clothes like skinny, show your stomach, bare back, among others that enslaves demean, devalue and portray women as whores should not be patronized all in the name of modernity or fashion .

It hurts even more to see how some married women who are suppose to inculcate moral values into their children and other young girls dressed in clothes that displays sensitive parts of their bodies like a new product that is being outdoored. The most irritating aspect of it is how they gather the confidence parading themselves as role models.

Education is mostly recognized as a way of shaping human behavior. On the contrary, most of our dear ladies in institutions of higher learning- universities, polytechnics and even training colleges  are the worse when it comes to this appalling act . They go for lectures in clothes that depict them as sex workers trying to entice their clients.

The most ironic aspect of it is how these half naked students complain of being sexually harassed or raped by male lecturers and male school mates. If I  may ask,what do they expect?. Men are certainly not angels so its high time women stopped leading innocent men to the abyss of hell.

Sometimes one have to close his or her eyes or sit in shame when a lady comrade has her beads and G-strings revealing to almost everybody in a troski upon alighting or getting on board the vehicle. Such a pity!

The painful part of it is how you receive insults from them when you try correcting them.It is so ridiculous how most of the half naked women desperately cover their mobile phones instead of their bodies .

Dressing decently doesn’t make a woman colloquial or less human but rather, make people accord you great respect. A woman’s body is more precious than any of those minerals  and it needs to be hidden .

Cover your bodies as cultured and disciplined women and you will be respected.

Remember that, you dress the way you want to be addressed and appearance speaks alot about you.




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