Council Of Churches Blast ‘Electoral Commission’ Pastors


The Mallam Zonal Chairman of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) in the Greater Accra Region has come heavily on head pastors of mushroom churches, who have made it their stock in trade to be telling their congregation, what God has revealed for their personal consumption.

Rev. Ben Newlove Zotoo, said it was worrying in recent time to hear some of these pastors on radio and on other social media platforms, proffering who the winner of this year’s crucial election will be.

He stated that these acts, have the tendency to jeopardize the peace the country is enjoying when Ghanaians have not even gone to the polls to elect a leader.

‘’It is wrong for these pastors to do so if even God has actually revealed it to them, sometimes some of these revelations are meant for the pastor to pray against and not necessarily divulged it to the congregation’’

He stressed that it was unfortunate most of these head pastors are not members of the GPCC, they would have been sanctioned in accordance with the Constitution of the association

Rev. Zotoo, who is also the Weija District Pastor of the Assemblies of God church Ghana, expressed this worry when the Regional members of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, embarked on a peace walk to draw the attention of Ghanaians on the need to safeguard the peace the country is enjoying, before, during and after the December 7, polls.

The members amidst drumming and dancing wielded placards that read ‘place Ghana above politics, a child of God is a peace maker, it is for peace that the courts are there, we want peace during and after the elections’ among others.

He admonished the Electoral Commission (EC) and the media, to abhor all partisan tendencies, before, during and after the elections.

‘‘We will continue to pray to God give us a leader for he alone knows the competent one among all the candidates jostling for the leadership of the country.

Ghana will suffer if we fail to pray in this year’s election hence the council’s decision to declare November 21, national prayer day to intercede for the nation,’’ he noted

Countries like Rwanda, Congo, among others, were destroyed because of elections, hence the need for members to come and campaign to safe guard the peace the country is enjoying.

Speaking on behalf of the National Chairman of GPCC; Apostles Emmanuel Agyin Agyeman, Paul Kingsley Ghansah, all called on stakeholders to be very careful with the way they present their campaign messages and avoid politics of insults, as well as undermining one another.

“Ghanaian electorates are the best judges of their present condition with regards to their economic life, social needs which greatly determine how and who they will vote for.

We call on all agents of the EC to shy away from partisanship, be impartial and show credibility for free and fair elections,” he said
They reminded Ghanaians to continue to pray and count on God to give the country a leader, who is faithful and credible.

Ghana can be counted as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and the only country in the world where Christians, Moslems and other religious faiths live and work together in peace and as well tolerate each other.

We cannot live by complacency and allow politics to divide and ruin this hard won peace achieved by the 70 percent of our population who profess faith in Christ.

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