Corruption and Indiscipline becoming our way of life -Ambassador Victor Smith


By Mabel A Baah

Ghanaians are now being referred to as MAGICIANS, because we are able to spend more than we earn.

Bad leaders have misled the people to become corrupt in every sphere of national life.

The lifestyle of our leaders at all level from the lowest to the highest, have influenced the people to also devise whatever means to make a living.

This is why I keep saying that a time is coming, soon, when, metaphorically speaking

“man will eat man to survive”

If we don’t take radical steps to reverse this trend and this I believe can only be done through a spiritual awakening and by encouraging into leadership, genuine and serious patriots, selfless, committed and focused team of leaders, to competently manage the affairs of this nation, even if it means modifying the style or system of governance that we have inherited from the colonialists, in order to correct the defects in our way of doing things.

We, the people of Ghana too, have contributed, in so many ways, to our unfortunate predicament, through our actions and or inactions.

We collude or inadvertently approve wrongdoings of our leaders. We don’t speak up when we should.

We don’t blow the whistle timeously and for some of us the quest for our parochial interest, takes precedence over and above all else.

Morals have become so corrupted and some of us, leaders and followers alike, are such self-seekers – may the good Lord forgive us and change our nature and attitudes and constantly remind us of the need to, as the good book says “love thy neighbour as thyself”, instead of this “each one for himself, God for us all” attitude.

Leaders have preached anti-corruption and integrity at every turn but some have turned round and done all manner of things to undermine the very high moral ground they seek to uphold.

There are serious indiscretions and lack of circumspection all over the place.

They talk of Rule of Law, yet there is so much indiscipline and lawlessness everywhere;

They talk of Accountability, yet still, corruption and false accounting persists;

They preach Integrity, yet are making money waawaa in public office and living ostentatiously.

They promise the people heaven but make them taste hell on earth.

Ambassador Smith said the above when giving a lecture on the topic “Poor Leadership – The Bane of Ghana’s Development”, organized under the auspices of Tein at the Koforidua Technical University last week Thursday.

Ambassador Victor Emmanuel Smith is the former Ghana’s High Commissioner to U.K. and Ireland and Ambassador to Czech Republic & Hungary





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