COPS’ Killer Took Part In Ayawaso By-Election Gun Violence



It is emerging that the alleged suspect in the gruesome killing of two police officers at Gomoa Buduburam in the Central Region, is very well known in the security circles and is even an operative of the national security, this paper has gathered.

Eric Kojo Duah, who is languishing in the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) cells is on the list of the National Security outfit as an operative, and was to receive some security training similar to what Bright Ernest Akomea alias ‘Double’ and other macho men linked to the governing NPP received at some state security installations.

He was part of the armed thugs who stormed the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency by-election in February this year, with guns to assault, shoot and injure people, some of whom are still in hospital.

He is well known and called “Father”, by the Police Officers in the area where he committed the crime. Indeed his action has been described as very daring and coming from someone who may be drawing his powers from very powerful, influential and well-connected people in high offices.

The father of two, The Herald learnt from police sources was to be part of an ongoing training exercise at one of the military installations in either Asutsuare Commando training grounds of the 64th Battalion of Infantry or the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Jungle Warfare Training School at Achiase.

The Achiase Jungle Warfare training ground, had seen lots of municipal, district chief executives and NPP sympathizers being trained in recent times.

Eric, who is currently on remand with six other accomplices, is mentioned as working for a certain Alhaji whom the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong recently eloquently spoke about on television, as wielding so much power and influence in Kasoa and its surrounding areas with many Police Officers helpless before him.

Eric, The Herald learnt is one of the boys of the said Alhaji, with the private army who most police officers are afraid to mention, arrest and prosecute, as a result of his political connections to the governing party.

The said land Alhaji, Ken Agyapong, had lamented at the time, draws his powers from politicians and has been behind some lawless incidents including the use of heavily armed land guards in the Kasoa enclave.

An infuriated Ken Agyapong, had mentioned how the Alhaji, was terrorizing innocent people in and around the Kasoa area, with threats of death, seizing their lands, breaking down homes to have access to the lands among other lawless acts.

Mr Agyapong, who did not disclose the full name of the Alhaji, was enraged about how the police including senior officers,looked on helplessly because of his political connections.

The result of the Alhaji’s act of unimaginable impunity, is his boy’s daringly killing of the two police officers including Sergeant Michael Dotse Dzamesi, who used to be driver of a retired senior police officer; Commissioner of Police (COP), Yaw Adu-Gyimah, formerly Director-General in-charge of Technical and General Services, in broad daylight.

Sergeant Dzamesi, described as a very professional and diligent police officer by police contacts The Herald spoke to, was chased and shot by Eric in front of three children; the oldest being 13 years and the youngest being 3 years.

Eric is also well known to the police as motorbike seller and repairer as well as a known land guard.

The registration document on his gun, was what the police used to retrieve his photo from their records as a registered gun owner leading to his arrest on the Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku in the Eastern Region, when he attempted to flee having gone into hiding following the killings.

Additional reports are that, Eric Duah is a property owner who has police officers as tenants. Indeed, JoyNews reporter, Maxwell Agbagba, confirmed two police officers live in the one-store property in Budumburam, a sprawling community in the Central region.

A police uniform was hanging on a dry line in the compound of the property as investigations continues into the background of the man who allegedly gunned down two police officers on motor traffic duty last week Wednesday.

Sources say he is known to several police officers in Budumburam and adjoining suburbs.

Neighbours who spoke to JoyNews, said they barely interact with the prime suspect who has a wife and two children living with him. His room had been padlocked when the JoyNews reporter visited the property.

The house was bequeathed to him after the death of his mother and pastor, the late Elizabeth Boateng, in 2017, JoyNews sources said.

They also said, Eric Duah once used the property as surety to help bail a friend arrested for a criminal offence.

Eric Duah also owns a registered gun which he loves to brandish, acquaintances have told JoyNews.

The suspect who sells motor bikes has on multiple occasions brandished the weapon threateningly over a disputed land at Dansoman.

A relative to a party on the disputed land said Eric Duah threatened to kill her brother over the land.

“We are not surprised about him killing the police officer….he hardly forgives when provoked,” another told the JoyNews reporter.

Eric Duah who is the only son of a pastor and founder of a church allegedly killed Lance Corporal Awal Mohammed who is also the only son of a retired driver in Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

He is also accused of killing Sergeant Michael Dotse Dzamesi who along with the late Lance Corporal Awal chased him down after he reportedly refused to stop in his unregistered vehicle while driving on the Kasoa Highway.

Eric KojoDuah, who was declared, wanted by the police was on his way to the Volta Region en route Atimpoku near Akosombo in the Eastern Region when he was nabbed on Saturday.

Six others have also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, abetment of murder and murder.

On Monday, the Kaneshie Magistrate Court remanded them to enable the police to complete their investigations.

The seven suspects are to reappear before the court on September 26, 2019.

“The Kaneshie District Magistrate Court on 2nd September, 2019 remanded into Police custody seven suspects in connection with the killing of the two Policemen until 26th September, 2019 to enable Police conduct further investigations,” the Ghana Police service posted on their Twitter account.

The seven suspects were accompanied to the Kaneshie district court with heavily armed personnel from the Criminal and Investigation Department of the Police Service.

Three of the seven suspects were arrested the same day of the killing. It is however unclear when the remaining suspects were picked up.

The two police officers were killed last Wednesday when occupants of a Toyota Camry vehicle they signaled to stop opened fire on them along the Kasoa to Buduburam stretch. Other reports are that one of the police officers assaulted an occupant of the car leading to the shots being fired.

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