Consumer Protection Agency State Its Case On ADB Cheque Issue


The consumer Protection Agency, CPA, has sighted a publication in The Herald newspaper dated Monday May 4, 2015. It is very sad to note that, almost every write up in the said article in relation to the CPA and Kofi Kapito the CEO and founder is false.

The CPA, is not a marketing agency for any organisation nor ADB. The CPA, is a legally registered NGO, duly registered under the laws of Ghana and not a think tank as you claim.

The CPA, has a board membership of over 6 prominent individuals of this nation. The CPA, currently has a staff strength of Five with 10 representatives of each region and a card membership of over 400. The CPA, has a permanent office and address at the Forico mall, mission street at Osu.

It is, therefore, interesting that a journalist from your organization once attended our press conference at our office premises, yet deliberately decided to peddle falsehood of an organisation of such high repute and it CEO.

We are, therefore, calling on you to render an unqualified apology to the organisation, it CEO and also to give our rejoinder the same space and credence you gave to your false story.

Head of Programs and Research.

Editor’s Note
The Herald, did not suggest directly or indirectly that the CPA or its CEO, had collected a bribe from the management of Agriculture Developer Bank (ADB) to promote a certain course.

As a responsible newspaper, we only sought to question whether or not the CPA, could not have put itself in a compromising position in the eyes of the consumers it seeks to protect and defend, having collected the GH¢5, 000 from ADB, after requesting for about GH¢120, 000 from the bank to fund its activities.

ADB, provides banking services and could one way or the other be at fault as far as its customers are concerned. These customers, might need the services of CPA to mediate on their behalf. The question is, which side will the CPA be? Would it want to be with customers of ADB to fight the bank or it would want to be on the side of the bank, so as to be getting the regular sponsorship from the management of the bank?

Secondly, no insinuation or aspersions were cast at Mr. Kofi Kapito, the CEO of the CPA in our publication as we had no reason to do so.

More so, the fact that our reporter was invited to cover an event in the offices of the CPA, does not preclude us from demanding answers to some pertinent issues.

We note that consumer protection is a serious business worldwide, those that put themselves out therefore as representing the interest of the consumers, must be above reproach.

It is noteworthy that, funding for such organizations such as CPA, come from other sources and not directly from the institutions whose activities are likely to come under the scrutiny of the consumer protection agencies for one violation or the other.

Much as we would like to say sorry for any hurt-feeling our publication might have caused the promoters of the CPA, we would like to advise the managers to look for sources of funding their activities, as demanding money from institutions such ADB, puts them in a very awkward position as happened in this case.

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