Congenital curse hits Binduri NDC chairman’s campaign


…..As victims of UER NAM 1 ask ‘where is our money’.

A good name is better than riches! goes the wise saying, probably for wise men, it takes a wise person to understand and use wisdom.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Upper East based construction firm, Winyellug Enterprise, Emmanuel Azimbe, in an uncontrollable desire to join the rich class, tactically defrauded poor partners, including Members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Church members, as well as family and close friends, have not only left his young integrity badly bleeding and gasping for air, but also his entire family.

Lenses of this news portal sniffs a very bad odour from the campaign circles of Simon Azimbe Aruk, said to be an elder brother of Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri, the man at the center of the famous gargantuan scam to have hit the region.

A top security official in the Upper East Region, described the scam as stinking with maggot infested.

As poor victims weep in sorrow daily over their hard earned monies,  an elder brother of Emmanuel Azimbe Abugri, one Simon Azimbe Aruk, is comfortably  campaigning to represent the National Democratic Congress(NDC), in the Binduri Constituency as a Parliamentary candidate, but his team can not wash away the stinking scam hanging on both Emmanuel Azimbe and Simon Azimbe Aruk, the Parliamentary hopeful.

This portal picked up a very sensitive information that, poor and hopeless victims of the scam within the Binduri Constituency keep asking Simon Azimbe Aruk, the where about of their money.

Wherever Simon’s campaign team goes, one question that keeps running is…. WHERE IS OUR MONEY. people are very angry. How can your brother defraud people like this and yet here you are, campaigning for votes to lead your party as a Parliamentary candidature.

Our source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity added that, a United State of America (USA) based friend of Emmanuel Azimbe, who was equally defrauded, last week placed a phone call to Emmanuel Azimbe, asking him if he and his brother, had defrauded poor people to campaign.

It will be recalled that the CEO of Winyellug Enterprise, Emmanuel Azimbe, had been in the news for using fake contract documents to defraud hundreds of people.

How Azimbe Escaped.

Upon realizing that his hidden scam had started producing a very bad smell, Emmanuel Azimbe, shared a pathetic photo, informing his victims that he is sick.

He then had a free room moving from one JUJU man to the other in and out of Ghana to fortify himself against any unforeseen spiritual attack and as such to JUJU his victims.

During the said period, when he was allegedly moving from one JUJU man to another, his Elder brother, Simon Azimbe, as well as some few friends of Emmanuel Azimbe, hatched a plan to deceive victims and as such pleaded that Emmanuel Azimbe was sick and when he gets better, he will pay them.

When Emmanuel Azimbe returned from his JUJU base and boasted before friends that no JUJU on Earth can match him, Simon Azimbe Aruk, sharply change the narrative, saying that he Simon Azimbe Aruk played no role as far as his brother’s business is concern.

This, sparked anger as victims keep cursing him day and night.

This portal picked up information that voters are ready to teach the NDC, a bitter lesson should Simon Azimbe Aruk, gets the nod to lead the NDC as a Parliamentary candidate.


Poor victims of the stinking scam of Emmanuel Azimbe, who saw everything wrong with the candidature of Simon Azimbe Aruk, after detailing the role Simon played as far as Emmanuel Azimbe’s scam is concern, petitioned the NDC and it vetting team to disqualify Simon Azimbe.

The group going by the name,” victims of Emmanuel Azimbe scam” asked the Hannah Bissiw’s lead team to disqualify Simon Azimbe Aruk from the contest, saying that his candidature will lead to the defeat of the NDC in the Binduri constituency.

Hannah Bissiw and her team, however, ignored the warning and allowed Simon Azimbe Aruk to sail through.

Meanwhile, victims of the scam are swearing heaven and earth to curse Emmanuel Azimbe, Simon Azimbe Aruk, as well as those who are coaching Emmanuel Azimbe, including security officials and friends.




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