Computer man Descends on Fake Journalists


By Bernard Qanson.

The General Overseer of the Hope Generation Ministries International at Oblogo Manchester in Accra, Bishop Eric Nana Amponsah, also known as Computer man, has stated that a section of  the nation’s Journalists, have performed very poorly, as far as their mandate is concerned.

He, however, singled out a few of them, who are professional and abide by the ethics of their profession , which is supposed to be noble.

He made these observations at a Press Briefing held in Accra on Responsible Journalism in Ghana.

Computer man, noted that sensational news by many media houses in the country, especially the Akan speaking Radio and TV Stations, must be looked at again for accurate and objective news to be disseminated.

Another area of concern of the Bishop, is that one could not distinguish between the work and role of DJs and Journalists.

He said, Journalism is not about destroying people or damaging their image as some media men and women do.

Bishop Amponsah, said it is sad that Chiefs, MPs, Politicians, Pastors and celebrities are targeted on daily basis by Journalists, who usually do not cross check their information.

He noted that, in some cases some of the newspapers publish wrong grammar, wrong spellings and that needed to be checked before the embarrassment gets out of hand.

He stressed that, even though the works of a Journalist is being widely patronised, the quality of their work is getting poorer and poorer.

He said if Journalists will train and retrain and abide by their ethics, and also depart from stomach journalism, they will do a better job that will rate them higher than their present situation.

He said, children and minors, should be taken into consideration when news on sex is being carried out.

Bishop Amponsah, continued that the media is supposed to educate, inform and entertain, but unfortunately the entrainment aspect in particular, has been turned into jokes thereby attracting very low rating.

He said, the laws guiding the media are not working and that is why the government does not take them seriously and support them.

He also said, the employers of Journalists do not take their welfare into consideration and do not pay the media workers well, making their conditions very bad with some of them using rickety cars and living in abject poverty after a long service.

He said it is also sad that Journalists prefer to promote ungodly programmes such as featuring fetish priests on their networks to perform magic and when the dupe people then the media turns back to bash the fetish priests.

He noted that the respect the media gives to people especially our elders is also very low.

He said it is also sad that allegations on crime or corruption are presented as if they are finally investigated information that the courts had pronounced.

He averred that, mischievous news must give way to balance, accurate, truthful, and objective journalism


Picture………. The Leader and General Overseer of the Hope Generation Church in Accra, Bishop Dr. Eric Nana Amponsah alias Computer man.









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