Combating Vigilatism; An Old Wound To Political Parties.


By; Adu John

Political vigilantism in Ghana, started and became more pronounce under the fourth republic, apparently it wasn’t effectively known in their operations as having a share in our political discourse as compared to today because they were not recognized.

However, they were formally known as party foot soldiers and political parties and movements used to hired men from “Zongo” to foment trouble and cause confusion. But it later came to the scene that Ghana has more formalized groupings during the pre-independence era, it was inspired by tension between the left wing and the right wing.

Later in 2012 general election, it became clear that the leading giants which is the New Patriotic Party  (NPP) and the New Patriotic Party (NDC) in the political race in Ghana, has a group of individuals called “vigilante groups” at their various strong polls, few to remember is the Kumasi Delta Force and the Invincible force of the N.P.P and the Azoka Boys and the Horse at the northern part of Ghana belonging to the NDC.

The threats such groups pose are both overt and latent. The presence of such groups shares parallel forces with the security services in providing security for people and properties.

However, in Ghana vigilante groups have been formed mainly out of mistrust for the political process and are known as trouble makers affecting the political process and democracy as a whole.

The two leading parties have had cause to overtly and covertly fund the activities of such gangs across the country as it were to protect ballots.

Now, doing away of these groups have become problematic to the leading two parties because they came to stay and not to flash in the scene.

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo- Addo made the appeal on Thursday when presenting his third State of the Nation address to Parliament by appealing to the leaders of the two main political parties — NPP and NDC — to agree on appropriate measures to bring an end to the unacceptable and worrying trend of party vigilantism in the country.

Even though the disturbances of these groups have been continued to be menace and worst. The government has taken it upon himself to end it but the issue is becoming tough and tougher, the road map has not been established.

The media has been working so hard to see these vigilante groups dying but what they see is pushing blames by these two party’s day after day. The Ghana Peace Council (GPC) is now confused either to collapse these two political parties which is not possible. Now on the venue to meet and see the way forward, has become a hard nut to crack.








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