Coconuts Business in Accra


By: Daniel Essilfie Woode

The patronage of coconut in Ghana, especially Accra, have seen a rise in consumption with sellers’ sales shooting up from coconuts spots recently in Accra.

Traders say coconuts business have become one the fast growing in the country, since it has clashed with other businesses,  setting  a standard of exceptional intake in the cubicles of fruit selling in Accra.

Although, there are some odds, traders seem to cue the sorts of income that this business has brought to them, despite their locations they are spotted

In Accra, ventures of which coconuts spots are found are schools, near petrol stations, busstops and more places which gets people’s attention since at these places they passthrough to their destinations as well as waiting to board commercial vehicles.

Moreover, consumers enjoy coconut because coconuts fruits have become their fruits enjoyed in between the hours of the day seem dueto the health benefits derived from it.

According to research it has proven to be a fuel good for keeping the heartstrong and has a huge healing content and maintenance.

It helps the human system in terms of reducing high blood pressure according to medical practioners detailed insight.

The benefit of coconut actually keep ,traders ,bankers ,security personnel, students  and others to wet their appetite with it juiceson daily basis which everyone has got a mind-set on what it can do.

The rate of buying them regularly per reasons is to eschew the risk of diseases that are on daily reported in medical facilities, having a huge population die out these diseases.

Education on coconuts fruits recently has coined an impact to people increasing consumption as coconuts sellers are on top of their sales daily.

Traders said the requirements of coconuts business set up is about capital of ghc 50.00 and they turn to weigh huge profit margin of yielding of about Ghc 150.00 a day as each coconut is sold at ghc 2.00 this has made them to even plough back their profits into the business to expand their quantity to be sold out .

The pick of coconuts from other fruit as a healthy fruit by medical experts has banged on to the doors of both literate and illiterate to equally enjoy, on the facts it has so many benefits to human.

No matter where it is located in Accra many stand by to sip sometimes with straws, perhaps being poured out in a branded cup or even rubber.

Coconut is now the most common fruit people enjoy in Accra just like any delicacy

Which actually bring a lots of people from all places to buy and enjoy.




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