CMS Burning: Justice Must Run Fast


The fact that, corruption lives and thrives amongst us, is no longer news, our leaders across all the political divide have pledged and continue to pledge to uproot the canker that is derailing every progress we have made so far. This is an admission that something urgent and pragmatic must be done.

What is shocking is the fact that, some people could be bold and stupid as to try and cover their bad deeds by setting on fire a national asset like the Central Medical Store.

What could possibly motivate and influence someone to burn down the entire medical stores, because of theft and fraud?

We can take kindly and forgive anybody for any crime, but any decision or action taken by an individual or group of persons to jeopardize the health of the people must not be entertained.

The people involved in this singular act of cowardice deserve no pardon but life imprisonment.

Some health facilities in the country, have had to turn away patients because they have run out of supply of some essential medicines, how could one live with themselves having committed this crime.

This act is alien to the Ghanaian, we can do bad and wicked things, but this is certainly new to us.

Whoever is involved in burning down the Central Medical Store, must not only be made to face the full rigors of the law, but be made to pay, either by selling whatever properties, he or she has or freezing and taking over their account.

It is our hope that this story will get the same attraction and discussion other stories had since the beginning of the year. We must all in unison condemn this act with the little patriotism left in us.

We must all demand that, our justice system that grind slowly, must move fast, the wheels must turn fast and put these criminals away for a long time.

Anybody, who could go the extent of burning a national asset is not fit to live among us, it is for criminals like these that, the prisons were built; we must ensure they rot in them.

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