Clean Car-City Project enhances sanitation


A pilot project of a sanitation initiative aimed at ensuring good sanitation practice in the transportation sector, has been launched.

The project, dubbed “Clean Car, Clean City (4C)” has the objective of promoting cleanliness in public vehicles and in the public transport environment.

It primarily involves the provision and fixing of specially designed litter bags (“Dropbags”) in all public buses to allow passengers to conveniently dispose off their waste. Thereafter, the bags are emptied or replaced on arrival at the bus terminals or designated stop points.

The project was developed by Gorsel SNT and is being implemented by Profolife Ltd. in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies, and the GPRTU.

As part of the pilot exercise, the project is being implemented at a number of bus terminals in Accra including the Kaneshie bus stations that host buses plying the Kaneshie-Cape Coast-Takoradi and the Kaneshie – Takoradi-Tarkwa routes.

“It is currently showing impressive results at the pilot terminals,” said Mr. Kwame Ekpe, Coordinator of the Project, in a statement.

The results of the piloting show that the floors of the buses now always clean devoid of littering, while the passengers travel in a clean environment.

The bus terminals are also clean as the driver assistants do not have to sweep rubbish from the bus floor onto the ground.

In addition, it has made waste disposal at the bus terminals more effective as the waste from the dropbags is emptied directly into designated waste bins.

According to Mr. Ekpe, there are plans for a nationwide roll-out of the project after the pilot phase and an assessment by the relevant government authorities.


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