China’s Most-Wanted Fugitive Repatriated From Ghana


A Chinese corruption suspect who has been at large for three years has been repatriated from Ghana to China, the Communist Party of China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said in a statement on Sunday.

Zhao Ruheng, who was one of China’s 100 most-wanted fugitives, was returned thanks to “close cooperation” between the judicial, law enforcement and foreign affairs authorities of China and Ghana, the statement said.

China released a list of its 100 most-wanted fugitives in April, Zhao is the 17th to be returned so far.

Born in 1964, Zhao was the former chairman of textile company in Huimin County, east China’s Shandong Province. He is suspected of invoice deception, tax evasion, conspiring with others to misuse public money, and embezzlement, according to the CCDI.

His case involves “a huge amount of money,” it said without further details.

Zhao fled to Ghana in September 2012.

“Zhao’s repatriation once again proves no matter how cunning a fox tries to be, it can’t escape the hunter’s gun,” the CCDI said in the statement.

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