China Has Quantified How Much They Are Given US; Have We Quantified The Tons Of Bauxite We Are Given Them?

Parliament few days before rising, passed the 2billion dollars barter arrangement between Ghana and the Sinohydro of China.

Under the arrangement, Sinohydro, will build 2billion dollars worth of roads, bridges and other infrastructure across the country.

On our part, Ghana shall pay back with processed bauxite by the new Ghana bauxite Development Company.

We always rush into this type of transaction, with our hands tied behind our backs. We give more than, we get.

Our leaders should by now realize that, there is no free lunch anywhere.

The Chinese are not Father Christmas, they have been establishing and extending their foothold in Africa, and very soon, the name Africa, will become synonymous China.

The Chinese are taken over every aspect of our economy, including the retail sector that is reserved for Ghanaians.

No country is an island, even the almighty United States of America (USA)¸depends on China, for most of its import. Donald Trump, who has decided to put America, first, has increased tariff on some goods imported from China.

Our leaders, must also begin to put Ghana first. The Chinese can never be underestimated; they behave like cockroaches, the more you kill them, the more they keep coming.

The devil, they say is in the details. We are of the opinion that, Ghanaians should know the ounces of bauxite, we are giving away to the Chinese in this better agreement.

In 2009, we were promised some 3 billion dollars in the China Development Bank loan, as it turned out, we have to pay some monies, although a fraction of what was promised us, was what came.

We need money to develop our infrastructure, but we must not hasten into any transactions that will leave a burden on the unborn generation, to come and bear.

A hungry man must be a wise man, because in your moment of need, anybody can take advantage of you.

Our president is building Ghana beyond aid, but those in the forefront of this laudable idea are foreigners. The Chinese have no regard for the rules, we have seen how they invaded our water bodies and forest in search of gold.

They brought machines that were hitherto alien to our kinsmen involved in galamsey. This newspaper is appealing to the authorities to ensure that, the country is not shortchanged at the end of the period.





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