Chiefs And People Of Oboom Proudly Celebrate This Year’s Homowo

By; Bernard Quanson.

The Chiefs and people of Oboom near Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region over the weekend, celebrated their Annual Homowo Festival under the theme, “Unity and Development”,  under the patronage and leadership of the Chief of Oboom , Nii Kpakpo Amaate II.

Speaking to a section of the Media during the festival which was well patronized by friends, sympathizers and residents/ citizens of the town, Nii Amaate II, noted that it was clear that, without unity and development, a society cannot move forward, hence their decision to celebrate the festival under this particular theme.

Touching on the numerous chieftaincy cases which abound all over in the Greater Accra Region, Nii  Amaate, noted that the root cause was  the injustice that usually characterizes the nomination , selection and enstolement of Chiefs and other key traditional title holders by kingmakers and other stakeholders in the enstoolment process.

He said, in the Ga custom and practice , inheritance and succession is done through the patrilineal line and not matrilineal as in the case of the Akans, but at times these traditions are fraudulently bent for money to determine traditional office holders, leading to unending disputes and hatred.

The Chief, however, explained that in the Ga circles, whenever a patrilineal candidate is not available, a mattrineal candidate is considered to be a chief until the right person is found, so it does not mean if a matrilineal candidate is nominated, it should be permanent as we use to see these days.

He said, if Kingmakers in the Ga State, would insist that only qualified royals would occupy the various stools in the region, the numerous chieftaincy disputes, would reduce drastically for peace and love to reign.

The Chief, said it was only Gas, who can solve their chieftaincy concerns and not the police, the military and National Security, who are usually used to aggravate the already difficult chieftaincy situation.

Touching on the Homowo festival, Nii Amaate said, as part of the celebrations, they purified their Oboom Royal stool which is usually done annually and also made a lot of merry making before the sprinkling of the Ga Traditional meal, Kpoikpoi at the various stool houses and principal quarters of the town, amidst firing of musketry to make the occasion great.

At the Homowo climax Durbar , of the Chief and his people, explained that the festival is celebrated to thank God for His blessings for the Ga people and Ghanaians in general and also to remember a bumper harvest of maize long time ago after a protracted famine when their  forefathers hooted at hunger .

The Chief led the Asafostsemei, his Queenmother, other tittle holders and the entire community to sprinkle the Kpoikpoi at the stool houses and principal streets of the town, their ancestors to continue to protect the people and the township and bless them.

Touching on development at the Durbar Grounds, Nii Amaate, echoed that their urgent need is a modern Senior High School, SHS, to absorb their children who complete the Junior High School (JHS), so that they will not travel far  to continue their education.

He also called on the Government and the President, Akuffo Addo, to build their poor road network for them, in order to open up their local economy to the benefit of the farmers and market women in the catchment area as goods and services move to and fro with ease, to reduce the cost of transportation.

Nii Amaate, also noted that there was the need to upgrade their Health Centre to a Polyclinic status, since their population keeps increasing and thus putting pressure on the Health Centre.

He added that, they need a Police and Fire Service Stations to fight crime and fire outbreaks in the area.

Advising the youth of Oboom , the chief urged them to take their studies seriously, he called on them to  learn hard and stay away from deadly drugs , adding that they should learn from the Ga people, who studied hard and occupied influential positions in the civil Service and other agencies in the past.

The Chief said it was sad that at the University of Ghana ,Gas are not taking advantage of the study of their language, as only few of them are learning the language at higher level.

On her part, the Oboom Queenmother, Naa  Adokale I , advised young girls of Oboom to stay away from premarital sex and rather focus on their education or apprenticeship to secure a better future.

The Family Head of Oboom and Mayera, Nii Commey, noted that most of the time they hear announcements in the news that Oboom lands are for sale, stressing that anyone who make such an announcement without the knowledge of the Chief of Oboom and he the Head of family or their Asafoatse ,Nii Addo and the elders , such an announcement will be regarded as illegal.

Touching on multiple sale of land, the Head of family noted that anyone who acquires land genuinely from Oboom Chief or his elders and approached by undisciplined youth for digging fee, the person should report them to the Chief to cause their immediate arrest.

He noted that such cheating by charlatans; connection men and quacks will stop if land buyers would acquire their plots from the right Royal sources and not wrong people below 40 years.

The Family Head continued that if he gets to know that a particular person has a land that is not properly acquired from their palace, he will not allow such a person to develop the said land.

He said land guards are not regarded at Oboom, so when such people harass developers for digging fee, they should report those actions to the office of the Chief.


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