Chief Imam awards 19 students scholarship


The Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund (SONSETFUND),  has awarded 19 needy students with a scholarship packages to enable them further their tertiary education.

SONSETFUND was set up by the National Chief Imam to complement government’s efforts at providing quality education for the deprived, marginalized in the country’s Zongo communities.

Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, the Chairman of SONSETFUND and the Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODEHS), speaking at the event in Accra, said that education should not be a privilege for a few that can afford in society.

“Rather it should be a right for every child of school going age from primary to tertiary level hence the need for SONSETFUND.”

He said the Foundation was supporting the students with an amount of GH¢35,000.00 to be shared among the beneficiaries.

Sheikh Ibrahim said those students who had gone through their secondary education and had gained admission to tertiary institutions but without financial support would be major beneficiaries.

He said this would bring down the numbers of school drop-outs in the Muslim communities, adding that, the establishment of Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools by the Chief Imam would enable Muslims to acquire secular education better.

The Chairman expressed his appreciation to all institutions and their strategic partners who supported them to ensure these students make a mark in their lives and society at large.

The Sudanese Ambassador, Babikir Elsiddig M. Elamin, expressed enthusiasm for the effort of the Chief Imam to ensure that Ghana has a literate Muslim community.

He said Muslims in Sudan are engaged in such initiatives, and therefore pledged his support to such projects.

The Chief Imam also advised the beneficiaries to take their studies seriously because they have been selected among the many applicants, saying “this shows you are blessed, so work hard and you would achieve your aim.”

The supporting institutions in their solidarity messages entreated the beneficiaries to make good use of the money they had received to sustain the foundation.

Source: GNA


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