Charles Bissiw Day In Court Can Only Delay But Not Denied

Crime, as they say, has no statute of limitation.

The undercover work dubbed, ‘Galamsey Fraud’ done by the Tiger Eye PI, exposed some government officials, who were entrusted with the responsibility to end the galamsey menace.

The principal character in the expose’ is Charles Cromwell Bissiw, who is the secretary for the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM).

The president, in 2018, when addressing traditional leaders at a two-day workshop to sensitise them on the dangers of galamsey and the need to end that activity, said among other things that, he was not worried whose ox was gored in the fight against illegal mining or galamsey, because he had the duty as the leader of the country to ensure the survival of the country as an entity.

According to him, he was prepared to put his presidency on the line in his quest to end the scourge of illegal mining to safeguard Ghana’s future.

Despite these pronouncements, the president, who is big on talks and short in delivery, has since the release of the expose’ turned deaf ears to it.

Crime to the president is only crime for as long as it involves his political opponents. No sane society, will allow Charles Bissiw to still be hovering around the seat of government.

It is imperative in the opinion of this newspaper that Charles Bissiw be made to answer to his role in promoting galamsey, as we all saw in the video, because condemning him in the public space without giving him fair hearing in a court of law, would violate the principles of natural justice and equity.
This paper believes that it is in the interest of president Akufo-Addo that the government commences action to have Charles Bissiw arraigned before court, especially against the backdrop of insinuations that the president is somewhat culpable in the actions of his appointees.

Those alleging mendacity on the part of the president are persuaded by the conviction that, his office, has become a clearing house for corrupt public officials.

No matter how long it takes, Ghanaians will get justice for Charles Bissiw’s role in promoting galamsey in the country.



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