Changes In Rainfall Pattern And Its Attendant Flood


Haijra karikari

The weather in Accra and other part of the country lately has been humid with interchangeable festering heat which many inhabitants describe as uncomfortable.

In the midst of the humid weather, the clouds which could bring rains keeps forming and disappearing to the displeasure of many but perhaps not to those who usually suffer from flood when it rains in the various cities.

Lately downpour begins without intermittent shower to give indications of a rainfall.

More over when the downpour finally comes, the usual flood prone areas in Accra and other parts of the country are not speared.

In Accra one can witness that whenever there is a downpour, the areas of the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, Agbogbloshie, Adabraka and Odawna, Kaneshie market, are as usual, inundated with running water especially on the streets causing heavy traffic.

Another spectacle in the short downpour is the emergence of debris onto the street seas, rivers and streams from the various choked storm drains and gutters which creates an eyesore and unbearable stench in the vicinity.

The rainstorm also brings down a lot high tension electrical poles in many communities putting the affected areas   into blackout.

Moreover, residents of these flood prone areas could be seen sweeping away the debris which the floods had caused from households.

Meanwhile, Mr Joe Tetteh Portuphy, Deputy Director, Synoptic Meteorology and forecasting of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, said to the public that the downpour the country is experiencing is not the beginning of the rainy season.

He said rainfall like previous downpour occurs occasionally before the start of the rainy season and could continue throughout for a week

He, however, said rainfall this year will not be heavy enough to cause flooding, if an area is not a flood-prone zone, but in the event of choked gutters or low-lying areas there may be instances of flooding.

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