Change The Negative Perception About STC –MD


The newly appointed Managing Director (MD) of Intercity State Transport Company (STC), Mr Donkor Fordjour, has appealed to the staff to help change the negative perception about the company.

According to him, the attitude of workers towards state owned companies over the years, has been the reason for the collapsed of many of the companies.
He made this remark at his maiden interaction with regional managers of the company and the media in Accra.

He said, he is yet to come to terms with the popular saying that anything owned by government is less productive. He attributed that problem to poor supervision.

He said because of this, many have proposed complete privatization of all state owned companies.

He gave the assurance that President Mahama, has shown faith in Ghanaian public servant to engineer the transformation of these companies.
He expressed his gratitude to the President for showing such faith in the Ghanaian to effect this transformation.

He said the irony was that many of those who are making the private sector look good and bright are the same Ghanaians.

I want to change STC from joining the tall list of state owned companies in the business cemetery, because I can see the passion and willingness of the staff to change the fortunes of the company.

He accepted to lead STC at this crucial when it is described as ailing, depressed, dying, because he believe in empowering the Ghanaian to serve as the transformational catalyst.

He said the transformation of STC begins in earnest as the company cannot fail to hear the cries of its displaced customers calling for the reformation of the company.

He promised to roll out the following programme: to collaborate with Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to establish a new vehicle testing and examination centre within the yard to monitor it fleets on twenty four hours.

The parcel service shall be re branded to chart a new course to enhance its role as the main government valuer.

He pledged to revamp the ticketing sector to avoid the queuing for tickets and make it an old order to a situation where passengers can purchase tickets online.

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