Change Is Bitter, But It’s Fruit Is Sweet


Ghanaians Must Exercise Patience For Mahama

It was Jean-Jacques Rousseau who said that “Patience is Bitter; But It’s Fruit is Sweet”.

This statement aptly captures the Ghanaian situation today. The pervading ambience in Ghana, since the beginning of the year, has been one of wailing and complaints, because of the introduction of new taxes and the upward adjustments of some existing ones, not forgetting the fuel increment.

2015, was a difficult one for all of us, especially owners of businesses, who had to endure the load-shedding that competed among other positive achievements to put Ghana on the world map, today ‘dumsor’ is on Wikipedia.

What we all expected was that, after the government had finally gotten the antidote to the perennial load-shedding, things were going to be better, but no, we saw an upward adjustment of everything, including light and electricity bill.

Whiles, lambasting the President and his men, we should credit them with the ability to take decisions that are inimical to their electoral fortune.
No President, who has another term to fight for with an experienced, tested and accepted politician like Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the propaganda machinery of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), will take these unpopular decisions. I salute the President and his men, but they will have to in the months leading to the crucial November 7, polls justify the increases by embarking on projects that would help alleviate the suffering of the people of this country.

Being patient and hopeful are the key ingredients that will bring the desired positive change in our country, because one good moment of patience will usher in great transformation in the country, and at the same time one moment of impatience may ruin a whole nation.

Since Independence, our successive have toyed with us and have shied away from taking critical decisions that would accelerate the development of
the country.

We have always with cup in hand gone to our bi-lateral partners begging for alms, every dollar that has come from any country to help shore up our reserve and support our budget, has being monies collected from citizens of those countries.

Allah told us in the Holy Quran that, he exalted man above everything in this world, and so the greatest asset any country has is not the minerals in the ground, but the human beings. This country cannot develop if the people are not ready to play their part, but contributing not only their intellect, but financially in order for the government to meet its obligations.

President John Dramani Mahama, has come to rescue Ghana from the valley, to move it to the mountain top where it belongs, to do that, he needs to take some tough and necessary decisions, which are not palatable. If the President has a choice, no Ghanaian, will pay tax, neither will we pay utility bills, but the reality is that, we all have to make sacrifices, if ever we want to bequeath a country envisage by our forebears to the next generation.

The President is building bridges that will usher in the desired positive change the people are craving for.

His administration will certainly address key challenges in the country, and bring succor to the people.

President Mahama, listening and watching him, when he addressed the media at the Flagstaff House, is quite concerned about the scandalous level of unemployment of millions of young Ghanaians, whose parents scrape whatever they had to see them through education. He also expressed grave concern about the level of corruption and the pragmatic steps his administration is taking to nib the incidence of corruption in the bud.

Ghanaians, should be patient and hopeful, because our pragmatic president has outlined salient strategies needed to provide the Panacea to our predicaments.

The greatest preoccupation of this administration is to rebuild the country into a competitive, robust, strong and productive economy in which Ghanaians will be empowered to be more creative, innovative, accountable and diligent. It is expected that Ghanaians should give their maximum support, cooperation and be patient with this administration, so that together, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We should always remember that good things rarely come effortlessly, we as the citizens of this country, must support this government in our actions, expressions and prayer, so that together we can enjoy the dividends of positive change.

We must remember that, if this government fails, it is the country that has failed. Opposition parties, must do their work devoid of envy and the pull him down attitude, power at all cost, will not guarantee the success of the nation.

We must be reminded that dividends of change do not come on a platter of gold, but through patience, hard work planning and also inculcating the culture of productivity.

Thus, for us to achieve our goal of change there must be setbacks, defeats, trials and delay. However, with patience, perseverance and hope, our collective goals can be achieved.

Therefore, as a people yearning for positive change, we must be patient, hopeful and also cooperate with this administration to reform our decayed political system, by getting involved, taking responsibility and working together as a team. Happy new year and God bless Ghana

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