Chamber Needed In Future-Majority Leader


By Patrick Biddah

A star Ghana Foundation event, organized to deepened citizens’ engagement has triggered a mention of the 450 chamber again.

The Majority Leader of Parliament,  Osei Kyei-Mensa-Bonsu, who was speaking at the event said there will be a need for the 450 chamber in the future.

He said, the current situation regarding the population size and the increase in the population will have to match the representation of the people in Parliament.

His comment stems from the fact that the current representation of the people in Parliament was triggered by the increasing number of people in an area.

This population explosion is usually used by the Electoral Commission to create additional constituencies which was the reason the seats in Parliament have to be  increased over the years.

Judging by what has happened in terms of the population increase, the Majority Leader who is also the Member of Parliament for Suame in the Ashanti region noted that the idea of a new chamber will have to be considered in the future.

For him, whiles there have been new constituencies created which has been the reason for adjustment to make space for the new addition, the state cannot continue to be increasing the number of seats in Parliament.

For this reason , he  was of the view that there should be a capping on how many Members of Parliament the state can have.

The capping, he emphasized has to come at a time that the Parliamentary chamber has been increased ,adding that the resistance by Ghanaians compelled the government to put the idea on hold on the 450 proposed chamber.

The Majority Leader whose presentation was centred on managing citizens expectation of Parliament and its Members , also said there is little the MP can do in terms of infrastructure because the primary objective of the MP is to make laws and serve as checks to the executives and its spending.

Star Ghana Foundation, a civil society organization puts together these events as a way of bringing the works of the legislature to the doorstep of the people.

Last Thursday’s event which was held at Parliament House ,also brought together some students from the Osu Presbyterian Senior High school.

The Member of Parliament for Tamale Central,  Inusah Fuseini, during open forum said the Affirmation Action is a policy which is yet to come to Parliament.

He also indicated that the Aged Bill is at the committee level and will soon be brought to the plenary for passage. The Bill, if passed will give a clear cut opening for the Aged and what privileges and right they are entitled to ,according to law.






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