CELLINK to partner with Made In Space to advance bioprinting technology in space

CELLINK, has  announced its partnership with Made In Space, Inc. (MIS), the industry leader for space manufacturing technologies, to develop advanced bioprinting technology for space. The partnership looks to combine MIS expertise in additive manufacturing in microgravity with CELLINK’s innovative bioprinting technologies and leverage the microgravity environment to gain insights that could improve drug screening and cancer research on Earth. 

“CELLINK supports space programs in the United States with our deep commitment to cutting-edge innovation, extensive portfolio of technologies and world-class team of scientists and engineers,” said CELLINK co-founder and CEO Erik Gatenholm. “We are excited to partner with Made In Space to refine bioprinting technologies that can support and enhance future missions in spaceflight and space exploration.”

Through this strategic partnership, CELLINK and MIS intend to align their technical competencies and identify technology development opportunities across several pathways including the International Space Station and future platforms.

Bioprinting has the potential to mitigate crew health and safety risks on long-duration spaceflight missions where access to standard medical facilities isn’t readily available. Bioprinting capabilities optimized to operate in the space environment could enable future crews to develop skin and bone patches to aid in wound healing in space.

CELLINK has prior experience in space and worked with the Swedish National Space Agency and Uppsala University to launch bioprinted stem cells on a suborbital flight onboard the MASER 14 vehicle in June 2019.

MIS was founded in 2010 and has pioneered space manufacturing capabilities in space dating back to the first demonstration of additive manufacturing in space in 2014. The company’s mission is to industrialize low-Earth orbit and support future space exploration through on-orbit manufacturing and assembly and materials development.


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