Celebrity Endorsements For Sale


If you want to consider a career in Ghana in these interesting times, look no further than being a pastor or a celebrity in show business and endorse a presidential candidate, and I can guarantee, your generations yet unborn, will be proud of you.

For a pastor, you will not be susceptible to bribe from the politicians, but you will live off the sweat and toil of your gullible members, who will see you as their god, and would do anything, as long as you tell them to.

For a celebrity, to be safe, endorse a presidential candidate and not a political party, that way when things don’t go well for the candidate, you are free to endorse another candidate in the ensuing election.

Suddenly, like the emergence of Leicester City in the English premiership, celebrities are competing with chiefs over endorsements of presidential candidates.

The motivation is so clear and unambiguous; it looks like there is money and goodies to take away, when one endorses a presidential candidate.

Not too long ago, the most lucrative political position was to be a party delegate, until the two dominant political parties—the New Patriotic Party
(NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), decided to expand their electoral college.

The dream of every boy or girl, after the display of cash in the 2007, University of Ghana (UG) presidential primary of the NPP, where 17 people, put in their hats, was to be a delegate when they grow up.

The political parties upon reflection, all came to a conclusion that, the best way to avert future occurrences of that ugly spectacle was to expand their electoral college.

In the art of making money, we are all ahead of each other by one step.

It is Eneke the bird, who said that since men have learnt to shoot without missing, he has learnt to fly without perching.
Forming any moribund political party in the country, has also become a business venture for a lot of people. Even people, who are not lettered and cannot even write their names, are living large, because they have found out that, it is easy to be rich in this country by forming a political party, than starting a business.

Celebrities, who have following or so some of them think as they measure their popularity on twitter, also feel
that, if people, who cannot bring together 100 people, are living their American dream in Ghana, why can’t they also take advantage of the opportunity.

It is hard work to write a script, if you are a producer, read a script if you are an actor or actress, compose or write a song if you are a musician, yet the rewards are nothing good to write home about.

Some of the pioneers in the showbiz industry are dying as paupers, some can’t afford hospital bills, when they are sick, it is not for lack of talent or that, they live reckless lives, it is just that, the industry was not paying those days.

The young ones, who understand investments and want to live life above their means, need to do extra work and think outside their comfort zone.
Endorsements of presidential candidates since 2008, has provided a platform to go away with some goodies. It has now assumed alarming rate, with daily and weekly endorsements.

The interesting development is the things they go away with after the endorsements. Some of them are now driving the latest and flashy cars that, their hard earned monies can’t afford.

Politicians, need to not only accept endorsements, because it is coming from celebrities, who are also not doing it out of the abundance of their hearts, but because of what they stand to gain, to find the impact such endorsements can make.

Those who are releasing songs are doing so, those who take to social media, to show their love for a presidential candidate are doing so, those organizing concerts are also at it.

In other jurisdictions, a celebrity is a role model and has a lot of influence, he or she carries a lot of weight and carries a respectable voice of both reason and courage and so when they endorse a candidate, it has a far reaching effect.

In Ghana, we have half baked celebrities, who do not master the game of their profession. Politicians need to wake up to the reality that, some of these celebrities, falling over each other to endorse one candidate or another, are not doing that, out of love for them and the country, but for
what they stand to gain.

Endorsements, although are good, must be genuine.

I must, however, admit that, some endorsements are genuine and the celebrities are not doing it for money or the benefits that would accrue to them.
The difficulty is in telling, who is doing it for money or love.

December 7, 2016, will be another test case for measuring the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements, until then, I wish them happy endorsements.

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