Cardiovascular Cases Soaring Among The Youth


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo,Kumasi

The Administrative Manager of the Kumasi branch of the End Point Homeopathic Clinic at Abuohia, Dr. Sani Mohammad Saeed, has expressed grieve concern about the soaring cases of cardiovascular disease among the youth.

He stressed that “It was worrying how the youth, who are the hope of the country are falling prey to this dreadful ailment”.
Dr. Mohammad Saeed, revealed that research findings have indicated that 60-70 percent of reported cases in the consulting room were the burden of cardiovascular.

He explained that in the past this disease was associated with the aged persons, but unfortunately in recent times, it is commonly identified among the youth between the ages of 26 -35.

The Alternative Doctor, in an interview with this reporter, noted that with increasing problems of cardiovascular related cases, such as heart attack, stroke, and hypertension coupled with other diseases, the health system of the country is burdened.

He hinted that the health care system of the country, would face problems if people failed to change their lifestyles regarding their attitude towards excessive alcoholism and too much intake of fatty foods.

According to him, the situation as is stands now can only be minimize if the citizens change from lifestyle, such as heavy smoking, excessive alcoholic intake , bad dietary and sedentary behavours .

Dr. Mahommad Saeed, recounted that the increasing trend of cardiovascular diseases was attributable to too much consumption of fatty foods which contained a lot of cholesterol.

“Ghanaians must stop eating foods that have high content of cholesterol, fats and salt, because they increase the chance of one developing hypertension, obesity and other health complications,” he stressed.

He sated that it was beneficial for the people to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and do periodical physical exercise, as these were necessary to reduce the burden of the disease.

He urged the citizenry to undertake regular medical checkup in order to know their health status.
The End Point Homeopathic Clinic, started full operations in 2008 in Accra and has two other branches in Tema and Kumasi.

Dr. Mohammad Saeed, disclosed that type of health care services they render to their clients centered on ailment like, prostrate, burning sensation, hypertrophy and high blood pressure.

The others include typhoid, liver and kidney related cases, chronic fever and the nervous system.

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