Cape Coast Chief Angry At “Degree Babies” Menace


The Chief of Amamoma in the Cape Coast Metropolis of the Central region Nana Yartel, has accused male students of the Cape Coast University (UCC) of impregnating girls in the metropolis and ditching them. Most of the girls, are left with what is called, degree babies.

These are kids whose fathers had gone to Cape Coast to acquire degrees from the university, but could not zip up their trousers. It is estimated that every home in Amamoma, has a “degree baby”.

According to Nana Yartel, the male students, lure the girls in the area into sexual relationships and break up with them immediately they become pregnant.

He said, the poor girls who are mostly unemployed are left with no choice, but to allow their fatherless children roam the streets to fend for themselves.

The angry chief who spoke to Starr News’ Central Regional Correspondent, Kwaku Baah-Acheamfour, said the traditional council, has resolved to force marriage on any student who impregnates a woman in the area.

He, however, advised the girls in the metropolis to stay away from male students of the university.

“I have told them that if you impregnate any lady in my community, you will be forced to marry her. It’s some of them; I won’t say all of them (students). There are instances where my own niece was involved with one of the students and after school, she could not trace him again even though he promised to marry her. She had broken heart.

“There is another case where my niece got pregnant for a student who was already married and I didn’t want to disturb his marriage so I had to take care of the girl and the baby. So I have warned ladies too to stay away from them,” he said.

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