Can We Have A National Dialogue On Northern Region Schools


The problems confronting secondary schools in the three Northern Regions, are enormous and cannot be solved by engaging in finger pointing.

On Monday, headmasters in the Northern Region, were forced to ask students to go home, because of government’s inability to pay feeding grants, which they say, has not been paid for three terms, and by that, one academic year.

Some politicians, have suddenly found a carcass and are feeding fat on it.

Every year, as far as we can remember, secondary schools in the Northern Region, have had to confront the challenges of funding.

A laudable initiative which was introduced during the tenure of our first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, was intended to bridge the development gap, by providing free education to our brothers and sisters up north, who by virtue of geographical location, were denied education or if any at all, were given quota system by our colonial masters.

The teething problem, which keeps rearing its ugly head every year, is also providing us with an opportunity to look at the system again, and see if it is still worth continuing and what can be done collectively to avert the yearly occurrence.

Politicians can play their politics as usual, whilst students, will be home doing nothing and as it is said that the devil finds work for the idle hands, they would be forced to engage in social vices that will come to haunt all of us, regardless of one’s political affiliation in the future.

Stakeholders in the education sector, must come together and find a lasting solution to the problem. It will a good counsel when secondary schools in the Northern Region are encouraged to go into large scale farming, with the help of irrigation so that, the produce can be used to feed the students and sell some if possible.

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