Can Tourism Rescue The Ailing Cedi?


Ghana is sitting on a tourism goldmine which is as rich, if not richer than Cocoa, which has been the country’s biggest export earner since Independence.

We have failed to differentiate between competitive and comparative advantage and which of the two is favorable in our circumstance.

We have had our economic paradigm wrong and are chasing after potentials that are beyond our reach.

We cannot be the best as far as technology is concerned, because the amount of money countries spend in Research and Development (R&D), as well in education, is above our annual budget.

We have to rely on what we have that they do not have and that is the gift of nature.

Across the now 16 regions, there is at least one tourism potential which, if properly boosted, could turn Ghana into a global tourist centre.

In 2017, Kenya earned 1.2 billion dollars, a 20 per cent growth from $989 million the previous year despite a prolonged and tense electioneering period.

Ghana is also home to the largest lake in the world by surface area – the Lake Volta, dozens of castles and forts, nature reserves and national parks.

From region to region and by the grace of God, we keep discovering new tourist sites everyday that were hidden.

Countries that are not naturally endowed are creating artificial replicas of what we have and are able to attract tourists in large numbers every year. Sadly, even our leaders visit these countries for tourism.

Yet in the opinion of this newspaper, ministry of Tourism is one of the neglected ministries in the country, if you doubt us, just look at the caliber of people who are appointed to head that ministry.

Burkina Faso, has beaten us to food production, Ivory Coast for some time now has been the leading producer of Cocoa, Nigeria, the leading producer of oil in Africa, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt and some few other countries, attract the highest number of tourists to Africa, a war thorn Rwanda, is ahead of Ghana, as far as technology is concerned, what are we leading in, except having the biggest number of ministers, not only in Africa, but the world.




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