Can The Kwesi Botwey Committee Report Be Made Public?

It is a bitter truth that observers and participant on the political scene in the country, can no longer wait for the prof. Kwesi Botwey committee report.

But the question of the hour that will continue to assert itself with increasingly louder echoes is, will the report be made public?

Political parties all over the world, especially after losing an election, will set up a committee to probe the reasons for the defeat, so it came as no surprise when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after a humiliating defeat in the 2016 elections, established a committee to do just that.

The party, however, shot itself in the foot, when it decided the committee should hold public sittings, where every Tom, Dick and Harry, who could dream up any reason for the defeat, could come air it.

To give credit to whom it is due: Prof. Kwesi Botwey is a professor of law. He is a worldly-wise man, there was no better person in the party to head the committee than him.

The NDC, should have known from the onset that, announcing publicly about the committee and proceeding to hold public sittings was a recipe for disaster.

A newspaper is purporting to have laid it hands on the final report of the committee; members of the NDC are falling over each other to rubbish the newspaper’s claim. Let us assume for a moment that the publications are a true reflection of what is contained in the report thus that portend well for the party?

The party must be thankful to the paper for getting ahead of itself, the publications and the reactions thereof, is a wakeup call to the party to know how to proceed once the committee is ready to release the report.

After the 2016 thrashing at the polls, a lot of people have said so many things, accusations have been flying around as to who caused the defeat of the party. Ex-president John Dramani Mahama, was compelled to come out and claim responsibility, telling those who were looking for someone to blame, to blame him, if that will make them happy.

The executives from the constituencies to the regions to national have all had the fair share of the blame and threat, the party risk losing a lot of good hands, if it does not handle the outcome of the committee’s work well.

The executives have been variously accused, some of them would want to put themselves up again for reelection, their past whether rightly or wrongly will catch up with them. Internally their competitors will use the committee’s report against them, the campaign for the executive positions is going to be acrimonious.

Book no lie, they will tell them and since the party has faith in the capacity and principled nature of Prof. Kwesi Botwey, as well as other members of his committee, whatever they put out by way of report, will be the gospel truth.

Imagine if the report indicts former president Mahama, what will his opponent in the New Patriotic Party say about him that is, if he is able to surmount internal backlash to lead the party for election 2020.

Karma, they say is a bitch and what goes around, comes around, the NDC, never spared a moment to tell candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, how divisive he was. The chorus men went to town calling him many names and ascribing to him powers that are reserved for the gods. The NDC must be prepared to be served a dose of their own medicine, if they dare make that report public.

The party, will be left more divided than it was immediately after the 2016 elections, it will be desolate, decimated, and desecrated in Ghana, but my only hope is that the committee’s report will be handled with tact.

The NDC might die of self-inflicted wounds and may not recover for as long as it makes the mistake of releasing the Kwesi Botwey committee’s report.

The first wrong move as I stated earlier was to make the sittings of the committee public, it has not only remained a template, it has produced a litany of accusations that cannot be substantiated because the numbers are overwhelming.

The party should collapse under the weight of its own hubris. The NDC was on steroids even before the 2016 elections, facts and whispers confirm this.

NDC was voted out because it had lost touch with its base. It had become a party of impunity, a trading post where the only currency was power for its own sake.

The committee could say it is not responsible for anybody’s political failure and therefore will not be expected to carry their failed political cross, but the repercussion in not properly handling the outcome of their work could spell doom for the party.

The maggots are within and must be killed, but it requires tact and circumspection.






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