Calls For The Introduction Of National Towing Levy Misplaced

The unfortunate accident last week that claimed the life of the deputy director of logistics of the Kumasi Asante Kotoko, had ignited the debate for the implementation of the National Towing Levy.

The National Towing Levy, was scheduled to be introduced on July 1, but the agitations and complaints from stakeholders, especially drivers of commercial vehicles forced the government, through the Minister of Transport to ask the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authourity (DVLA), to suspend the implementation for further engagements.

The attempts to link what happened to the proposed towing levy, is not only disingenuous, but wicked. On that same stretch of road that, the accident happened many cars, had passed before the Kumasi Asante Kotoko Bus, got there and many passed even after the accident.

Our attitude towards problems, have always been reactionary, instead of proactive. Accidents, which ever form or shape they come, will always be with us. Towing away broken down vehicles from the road is not the panacea to accidents on our roads.

There are too many potholes on our roads, some of the cars are not road worthy, we are not used to periodic maintenance, we go to the mechanics only, when the cars cannot move.

We need to adopt a holistic approach to the issue, than just narrowing it down to broken down vehicles and suggesting that, it is time to introduce the towing levy.

Insuring our cars, is not a matter of choice, but it is a matter of law. The towing services, should be incorporated in the insurance premiums vehicle owners pay. Vehicles owners do not only have to apply for claims from their insurance companies, when accidents occur, but towing broken vehicles, should be part of the responsibility of insurance companies to their clients.

In finding solutions to problems in this country, we always go for the low hanging fruits, keep collecting from the already suffocating population.




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