Calls For Peace Becoming Too Many


The calls for peace by various bodies and individuals in the country after the Supreme Court verdict is a commendable one, but unfortunately it is becoming one too many.

On Monday, the Embassy of the United State of America, issued a red alert to its citizens living in Ghana to stay away from political party offices, the Supreme Court and other places that they thought could possibly generate violence, after the Supreme Court ruling on August 29.

Many political watchers and ordinary citizens took issues with the Embassy, for what they described as creating fear and panic.

It is interesting, because we brought this onto ourselves.

The country is virtually at a standstill, as every opportunity and time we all get is spent talking and preaching peace, which has been the reason why we are the beacon of hope for Africa.

Preaching peace is good, but if we make it sound as though we no longer think and can’t apply our senses, to accept the outcome of the court case, is what is creating fear among Ghanaians and expatriates.

Ghana is not the first country to have its presidential election challenged at the Highest Court of the land. Countries in Africa and quite recently Zimbabwe and Kenya, who look to Ghana to improve their electoral processed, have gone through this without any incident, so we should not do this to ourselves?

Both petitioners and respondents in the court case are all Ghanaians, so at the end of the proceedings, a Ghanaian will emerge as the winner of the case and Ghana will also be the eventual winner.

We must have faith in ourselves and our systems to work effectively. We can go on beating war drums as we are currently doing, with the incessant calls for peace.

What happens to us after the verdict, have we thought of the number of investors we are scaring away?

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