C.K Akunnor & Elikem Punch Abeiku Santana


– Over Ownership Of Odartey’s Disputed Children

Two celebrities, who have been associated with the disputed children of ex-international footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey, have taken on radio presenter, Abeiku Santana, throwing very harsh words at him for claiming they fathered Odartey’s children.

Ex-Black Star Captain, Charles Kwablan Akunnor and Elikem Kumordzi, fashion designer cum actor, chided Okay FM’s Abeiku Santana and his co-host Ohenenana Kwame Amoh for saying they had slept with Nii Odartey Lamptey’s wife and fathered her three children.

They accused the two radio presenters of being poor in mathematics, as the things they have spewed out linking them to the kids are not factual.

Both C.K Akunnor and Elikem, however, did not deny knowing Mrs. Gloria Odartey Lamptey.

News went viral last Thursday that the ex-Ghanaian international footballer, after a DNA test, found out that all three children he had with his wife, Gloria are not his biological children. The couple were said to have been married for 20years.

A distraught Odartey Lamptey, is said to be in court for divorce and has been reported of accusing his wife of having extra-marital affairs and producing children out of wedlock.

He is even reported to have cautioned other footballers to be wary of the women they get married to, since some women only marry them for fame and money.

C.K Akunnor is quoted as saying in an exclusively interview with Adu Asare of Frontpagegh.com that “it was stupidity and foolishness for anyone to tag him in such a distasteful incident”.

Abeiku Santana and his co-host Ohenenana Kwame Amoh, last Thursday November 28, 2012 disclosed on their “Akeka akeka” segment of their drive time show that, among those who fathered the three children of Odartey Lamptey, were Elikem and C. K Akunnor, who once played for Okwahu United, Obuasi Goldfields, Fortuna Köln, Vfl Wolfsburg among others.

But the ex- Hearts of Oak coach, C.K. Akunnor, has debunked and distance himself from the claim, and asked people to disregard Abeiku Santana’s claim, since it is baseless and lacks fact.

On his part, Elikem Kumordzi, who was a finalist in this year’s Big Brother Africa, BBA (The Chase) reality show, vehemently denied fathering any of the children of former Black Stars player, Niii Odartey Lamptey.

The child Elikem is said to have fathered is reported to be ten years old.

But the BBA star, who is currently in Namibia, took to social media site Twitter to deny the allegations and also register his displeasure at the reports.

According to Elikem, considering the calculations, it is highly impossible for him to father a child with a married woman at age 15.

“So fools. Do the math. Even if I was with sam1 for 5 years, how am I the father of a 10yr old. Kwasia. means I was 15. Den am gangster. Lmao,” he tweeted.

Elikem, who is a tailor, took a jab at radio presenter, Abeiku Santana for allegedly fuelling the rumour.
“Father of someone’s children?? That ABEIKU SANTANA is doing his job. It’s how he feeds his family. They get paid to do that. Leave him alone,” he said.

Elikem, who is currently in a serious relationship with Zimbabwean Big Brother representative, Pokello Nare, added that: “Ok. It’s comn to me nw. that’s d guy who said things against his wife jst 2 divorce her. Then wnt on to marry anoda rite away? Leme google him.”

Meanwhile, the embattled Ghana International footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey, who is already reeling under the shocking marital scandal, may well be liable for “condoning marital fraud”, a lawyer has said.

Kwame Boafo Akuffo, insists Mr Lamptey has no right to tongue lash his wife in public and accuse her of being a serial seductress, especially, when he had condoned such behavior for several years.
Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii-sen programme last Friday, Mr. Akuffo alias “Fraks” said, the comments by the footballer were in bad taste.

While he sympathized with the ex-Ghana star, he said his comments have not only “scandalised the kids for life” but may well be held liable for “condoning marital fraud,” if he dares goes to court.

He explained that Nii Lamptey cannot belatedly accuse his wife of being a seductress, when he had slept with her and ostensibly fathered children by her.

He said, the player could not “approbate and reprobate”, cautioning him to rather remain quiet in the interest of the children who under the circumstances may now be described as “household children.”

Commenting on the DNA, which was the basis for the scandal, Akuffo said DNAs are mostly considered “expert evidence”, which are not binding in the court of law.

He said, even in some circumstances, the DNA may not be allowed as evidence in the court.
Mrs. Lamptey have had five children, two have died leaving three which Mr. Lamptey is denying ownership.

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