The Building Hurdle Must Stop!


An uncompleted structure located at Nii Boi Town, near Abeka Lapaz in Accra, had collapsed; this was after the caving in of the Melcom building in 2012. The report and subsequent action that was brought against all those involved in the shoddy building that claimed lives and property is still not known and we have another disaster on our hands.

Everybody who matters in this country have all throng to the site of the disaster. Promises will be made and assurances given, nothing will happen thereafter, we only wait until another disaster strike.

The talking and discussions have started about the process of obtaining building permit and which officers granted the building permit. The radio stations will make it an agenda for a week and then we are back to discussing politics, instead of policies.

Nature has a way of demanding its pound of flesh, when we fail to do what is right and proper.

In all the discussion, one thing that is missing is the stress prospective builders go through to acquire building permit in this country. We always cry for lack of resources to do things that will move this country forward. What we forget is that the systems are not working. Acquiring permit is one of the difficult things to do. Too many bureaucracies prevent people from wanting to do the right thing.

Another area, where we are not addressing our minds to is the Lands Commission. Registering a plot of land is another hurdle one has to go through to legally own a land. You will pay all the require fees and bribe officials just to have your land registered on time, but all to no avail.

The inability of people to register their lands is what has resulted in the incidence of land guards, who terrorize land owners and builders. Government must reform our land administration and bring the various departments of Lands Commission under one umbrella and office.
That is another waiting disaster, waiting explode.

Our condolences to those who lost loved ones and to the injured, we say speedy recovery.

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