Bugri Naabu’s Loss Was Bound To Happen


Our elders have a saying that, if you won’t allow your friend to cross ten, you won’t also cross nine; also if you have nothing for your in-law, you don’t steal from him or her.

Bugri Naabu’s political naivety became apparent, when he allowed Mustapha Hamid, to throw mud at the former president, John Dramani Mahama and his younger brother, Ibrahim Mahama, in the alleged bribery allegations, which drew crocodile tears from some people, was his greatest undoing.

The former president and his family, have always provided shelter to Bugri Naabu, he was regarded as a family member and was treated as such.

When his daughter was taken ill, and was admitted at the Korle-bu teaching hospital, till she eventually passed onto eternal glory, the former president and his brother, were the ones who provided for her and Bugri Naabu. They opened their doors for him to walk in and walk out anytime he wants and yet he became the harbinger to destroy them.

On Saturday April 28, the delegates of the New Patriotic Party in the Northern region, gave Bugri Naabu, a taste of his own medicine, when he was beaten by a landslide to the chairmanship position of the party.

It pays to be loyal and it equally pays to be grateful. Bugri Naabu, threw back the kindness shown him, by not only betraying the Mahama family, but by actively taking part in seeing to it that, president John Dramani Mahama, lost the 2016 election.

Politics is not religion, even if it is religion, at some point in one’s life one can choose whether to still remain in the religion, he or she was born in or to seek greater understanding somewhere.

It is common these days to see siblings belong to different political parties, and so I will not question Bugri Naabu’s decision not to belong to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), it is a matter of choice and conviction, but what I will question is, betraying the family that once fed him.

Two weeks before the regional delegates’ congress that ousted Bugri Naabu, he wrote a scathing letter to the president, accusing some ministers of state of working against his candidature. In the letter Burgi Naabu, did not spare the former president and his brother either. In an internal contest that has nothing to do with the former president and the NDC, Bugri Naabu, yet he still managed to drag him in.

The reason, for which Bugri was used to cause disaffection for president Mahama, was political power. The NPP has the power now. Bugri Naabu, has finished serving his purpose and so the towering hands of the presidency, has been deployed to get him out of office.

Like a bulldozer, he was used to clear the road of all undesirables; he is now being told that, as a bulldozer, he cannot use the road.

Bugri, will now feel how it feels to be betrayed by people you trust. The Americans will say what goes around comes around.

History is always on the side of the oppressed, you can lie, malign and cause people to rise against a particular regime, but remember the day of reckoning, will come, when the same people who benefited from your treachery, will rise against you too.

I do not sympathize or empathize with Bugri Naabu, he does not deserve a tear from me, it was only a matter of time, when he stood in front the camera to lie about something he knew in his heart ad conscience, does not exist.

We can fool the people, but we cannot fool God, he knows what is in our hearts and he will always fight for those, who are let down by their fellowmen.

The delegates in the Northern region, heard the cry of president Mahama and his brother, and showed Bugri Naabu the red card.

People like Bugri Naabu, are the by-product of our democracy, they are the happenstance eating away the gains we have made since 1992, gradually but slowly, we will etch all of them out of national politics and our consciousness.

His utterances since he burst into the limelight, have been nothing, but disaster, someone who wants to eat with both hands, does not have a place in our body politics. He constituted himself into public nuisance and was not behaving like an adult, worthy of emulation.

A man who sees politics as a do-or-die affair, is not fit for any position. We heard how he mortgaged the District and Municipal Chief Executive position, collecting goats and sheep from prospective candidates and the fall out of that action with the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba.

Bugri is an insatiable, attention-starved masquerade. An audaciously pretentious conman, an ugly, perennial problem, that dances around the square, craving to be celebrated as a handsome and fresh solution.

Bugri Naabu, did not do himself justice as a regional chairman, he was fighting party members, young enough to be his children.

Bugri, after this humiliating defeat, for one, would not keep a low profile, keep his mouth shut and give president Mahama and his younger brother the opportunity of forgiving his locust behavior.

Bugri, should take a vow of seclusion and quietness, it will do him more good and help him preserve the little dignity, he has left in him.

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