Bryan Acheampong Should Just Resign

The January 31, Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election, has come and gone, but not the ripples it generated in the political space.

The government has set up a Commission of Inquiry to go into the disturbance that occasion a by-election, which would go down in the annals of this country, as the bloodiest by-election, we have ever had.

Even before it was set up, the minister of State in Charge of National Security, Bryan Acheampong, has publicly claimed responsibility for deploying the hooded thugs, to beat, shoot and terrorize innocent Ghanaians, who had turned up to vote in the by-election. .

In the considered opinion f this newspaper, Bryan Acheampong, will appear before the Commission as a suspect and a witness, this he cannot do, when he is still at post.

We cannot in good conscience join hands with those, who are commending the government for setting up a commission, when those responsible have owned up and yet nothing has been done about them.

The Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election was not the first we have had since 1992, we have had precedence, the difference is the scale and magnitude of thugery and sheer lawlessness that was displayed on that day.

Party fanatics, during elections, whether national or by-elections, always stray outside the boundaries of the law, but to have operatives who are said to be working for the National Security Secretariat and are paid with tax payers money to behave in a manner that, defies every  logic, cannot just be swept under the carpet.

In this circumstance, we are compelled to invite Ghanaians to, at least ask questions about, why Bryan Acheampong, who is to ensure the protection of all citizens, regardless of their party affiliation, but failed woefully, is still at post.

By setting up a Commission, the government, has admitted that, something went wrong during the by-election, so they should stop wasting our time and money, by firing Bryan Acheampong, if he won’t do the honourable thing and resign.

Bryan Acheampong should just go.


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