British High Commissioner Confers With Power Minister


The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has called on the Minister for Power, Dr Kwabena Donkor to discuss how Britain and Ghana, can collaborate to address challenges facing the power sector and also identify possible investment opportunities in the sector which could be tapped by British companies.

The two gentlemen, talked extensively about Ghana’s short, medium and long term plans for the sector; Independent Power Production, power generation, and emergency power badges.

Dr Kwabena Donkor was emphatic in saying that fuel source is one of the aspects of power generation government look at negotiating with Independent Power Producers, saying, “Ghana has gone over the learning curve in such agreement so we know what we want”.

He advised foreign investors who come to the country to be focused and stick to their investment plans, adding that due processes must be followed anytime an investor identifies new opportunities in the sector.

“For instance if you come in as an Independent Power Producer and see an opportunity in the emergency power project, you need to go through the emergency power procedure to be able to partake in that sector, it’s not automatic”.

H.E Jon Benjamin on his part acknowledged challenges facing the power sector, noting the importance of the sector in socio economic development and domestic politics and his country’s willingness to partner Ghana to ensure success in the power sector.

He further disclosed that British Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Livingston will pay a working visit to Ghana on 12th February and requested the Power Minister to meet with him and discuss way to deepen collaborations between Ghana and Britain.

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