Breast Cancer Is Not A Whiteman’s Disease –Dr. Beatrice Wiafe


A Global Breast Cancer Ambassador, Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Wiafe Addai, has argued that previously held misconception that breast cancer is a White man’s disease is no longer tenable as all manner of person are susceptible to the disease which has assumed alarming dimension in Africa.

Dr. Beatrice Wiafe, who is a renowned General Surgeon and Consultant Breast Surgeon was addressing more than 2000 students at the Presbyterian University at Akropong-Akwapim during a free education and breast screening exercise in the Eastern Region.

She identified some barriers instigating the rapid spread of breast cancer as lack of awareness, high cost of treatment, lack of access to healthcare and lack of spousal support and counseling.

The students were drawn from Presbyterian University College, Presbyterian Senior High School (SHS) and Okuapeman Senior High School (SHS).

Others are Akropong School of the Blind, Christ Skills Development Center and some women from the Akropong Township.

The program was initiated by the University’s Dean of Development Studies, Dr. Edward Debrah Wiafe.

It was also attended by delegates from Direct Relief, Mr. Thomas D. Roane from USA and Malena Tango of South Africa.

Dr. Waife is the Founder and President of Breast Care International (BCI) Ghana, an NGO, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Peace and Love Hospitals in Accra and Kumasi, said the increasing rate of mortality and prevalence of breast cancer in Ghana is compounded by myths and misconceptions about the disease and efforts of her two organizations in preventing and controlling the disease.

She lamented that policy makers have accorded little attention to cancer and continued that prompt action has to be taken to avoid what she termed as needles death among women who are the economic backbone of several homes and the nation.

Those in attendance were shown how to properly perform Breast Self-Examination (BSE) with the help of 480 donated Breast Sense Kits worth GH¢20 each.

“The importance of Self Examination is that it facilitates early detection. As breast cancer’s ability to be treat and ultimately cured, is completely depends on the time, a delay in diagnosis and subsequent treatment can have catastrophic results for a woman and her family” She added More than 2000 women were clinically screened for breast disease. Some suspected cases were referred for further investigations and management.

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