Brazil Police Arrest GNPC Worker

For Soliciting Sex From Minor

After the national disgrace by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, led by the now demoted, Elvis Afrieye Ankrah, state institutions which doled out unspecified amounts in sponsorship packages for the Black Stars, are also adding insult to our national embarrassment.

The Brazilian Civil Police, arrested a Ghanaian, Theophilus Aboagye, who works for the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and his Brazilian counterpart for soliciting sex from minors, during a FIFA Fan Festival as part of the 2014 World Cup Tournament in that country.

Theophilus Aboagye, who is 27 years of age and his friend, Alexandro Paulo da Silva, 43, were caught in the act by the Civil Police, on Sunday June 22 night, during the FIFA Fan Festival. They were charged with enticing minors at the event with the intention of having sex with them.

He has since arrived in Ghana, and a call by this paper to Mr. Aboagye yesterday, showed that he was yet to recover from his near incarceration in far away Brazil.

Theophilus Aboagye is said to be Assistant Human Resource Officer; one of the many subordinates, under one Naa Bortei-Doku, the Director of Human Resources, who was also on the Brazilian trip.

Asked if he had returned from his trip and that if it was true that he was arrested, he soberly replied in the affirmative, adding, “It was just a wrongful arrest that is all. I was with the wrong person at the wrong time, I came back, but it was a wrongful arrest, so I was cleared of all the charges”.

In a response to a question as to where his “partner in crime” is, he told The Herald that “yeah he is there, the minimum sentence is ten years, so he will deal with them, but I was released because it was a wrong arrest”.

Theophilus Aboagye, is said to be part of over 40 staff contingent of the GNPC comprising, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alex Mould, whose expenses including, hotel, food, match tickets, clothing and others were paid for by the state agency responsible for exploration, licensing, and distribution of petroleum-activities in Ghana.

The GNPC worker, is said to have spent three days behind bar, before he was released.
Alex Mould, is reported to have gone on the trip with his wife and children to Brazil.

GNPC is the headline sponsor of the Black Stars; the senior national team. The corporation is yet to disclose how much it spent on the national team, as well as its staff, who were sent to the tournament.

Theophilus Aboagye’s Brazilian friend, suspected to be a middleman was seen making approaches to women in the area of party and handing his card claiming to be prosthetic.

According to “The Herald’s” sources in Brazil, one approach was to a 15-year-old girl, whom he said he had a job for her and she would win US$500.

But a male friend of the victim, prompted the civil police, who found the two men and arrested them.

Paul Alexandro, in his testimony to the police, admitted speaking to the 15-year-old, he approached the victim saying he was “gay”, but had met a young man from Ghana, who was up for making friends from faraway abroad.

The Brazilian told the police that he offered the girl booze and invited her for a dance. But the game was over, as she declined the invitation.

The accused, were led to the Mobile Police Station and handed over to the National Police Force.

They were held under Article 218-B of the Brazilian Penal Code, which kicks against inducement, enticement prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation of anyone under eighteen (18) years or by mental disease or defect, lacks the necessary insight to practice the act.
The offense carries four to ten years jail term.

In the police unit, Alexandro, denied he was harassing women at the party claiming that he was just trying to be gentle with women and with the Ghanaian.
Alexandro is still in police custody and is likely to be arraigned before the court soon.

More to come!

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