BOST’s Empty Threats Can’t Intimidate Us Into Submission

We received with dismay a letter from the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST), which was subsequently followed with a story published on, captioned “No multi-million cedi scandal has hit BOST – Management”

The level of incompetence, immaturity and lack of professionalism, displayed by the management of BOST in that letter, showed why the company is the shadow of its glorious past.

The Chinese have a saying that, the first to throw a punch, is the one who has lost the argument, by inference, the haste with which BOST, rushed to issue a statement, denying a story that was never carried by this newspaper, except a coming up, clearly shows that, the company, has something to hide.

As a member of the fourth estate of the realm, and as stated in the BOST letter, we owe a duty of care to the Ghanaian taxpayer, to expose what we see as rot going on in state institutions.

BOST, since the birth of this administration, has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Ghanaians are still awaiting the outcome of the committee set up to investigate the contaminated fuel saga, which took the country by storm.

We are not going to be cowed by the empty threats, which are intended to gag us from doing our work. Such threats are only fit for the marines, as we have received and seen worse than this.

We have not spread any falsehood about BOST, because we did not carry any story. If this was a preemptive strike, it should have been done in a mature manner, devoid of threats.

What was the letter intended to achieve, to browbeat us into submission, or remind us of our professional duty, as captured in the letter, whatever the intention was, it was written in bad faith.

You do not threaten a media house, with the intention of buying their silence, certainly not The Herald, we have been insulted, threatened, sued, but as always, the truth stands.

We will like to advise them to be professional and act above reproach in their handling of issues such as this.

We have played long enough in the gutter to understand the rules and how not to fall for infantile and ill-mannered letters, such as the one authored by a nameless General Counsel and Head of Legal Services.

This high stake sarcasm and show of shame are becoming too much; Ghanaians cannot be mocked like this.

BOST, must come again!



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