BOST Media Relations Manager; Incompetence Personified


This is the second time, she is displaying incompetence that will get even the best of us fired.  The communication director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport (BOST), NanaAkua, has developed the penchant of getting ahead of herself.

Indeed, this happens when political patronage rather than merit defines one’s appointment.

One really wonders why there will a Communication Director, and management will spend additional resources creating another office called Media Relations Manager – a clear case of waste to satisfy political apparatchiks.

If she respects authourity, she will have known that, a meeting was called which was inconclusive, another meeting was scheduled to make sure that, all begging questions, we had were going to be answered on the 2 million barrels of crude oil transaction.

Surprisingly and we insist, ill-advisedly, in writing a rejoinder, the media house that did a story,must also be given a copy, but no, she did not, we only woke up to see stories responding to ours in other newspapers.

Her actions bring to the fore the futility, if not journalistic rascality of ignoring basic tenet of the profession. It also exposes her immaturity, as far as occupying such a sensitive position is concerned.

The Herald is not new to this kind of tactics to silence us, we have been taken for granted more times than we can remember, we have always ridden the storm. We are not easily intimated, especially by someone, who is proving to be a square peg in a round hole.

How did she even get to be a communication director for such a strategic organization like BOST, it is obvious her political connection got her there, a topic we will visit later. People like Nana Akua are the reason why, this country has stagnated.

Her statement added another dimension to the mix, which is different from what came out at the meeting and i.e. whiles the Managing Director, Alfred Obeng said, the crude oil sold to BB Energy was a little over 1.800 million barrels, in her statement she claimed it was 942,000 barrels.

If Nana Akua thinks we are going to dance to her tune, she needs to use her teeth to count her tongue. We will pursue this issue to its logical conclusion,we will stop when we are satisfied that the country is not shortchanged in the whole transaction, not when she wants. If she likes, let her count the seconds of every day.

No amount of intimidation or press statements that do not address the issues at hand, will get us to back down, we are convinced and resolved in our duty to safeguard the interest of the state.

Someone, should remind her that, she is yet to see the worst of us. We are always going to be on the right side of history.


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