BOST Boss Under Fire


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (BDCs), Senyo Horsi, has denied confessing to the bribery allegations being levelled against him in a leaked tape currently in circulation.

At a press briefing in Accra, Mr. Horsi, said the leaked tape was a quest to deliberately malign his reputation and that of the members of the Chamber by creating the impression that “the accusations of bribery to connive and rob BOST are true.

” According to a leaked audit report, top officials at BOST supported some BDCs to rob BOST of petroleum products at the depots, leading to significant petroleum product losses that affected the national strategic reserve of petroleum products.

The report said the criminal activities were used to create a negative balance of BOST indebtedness to the BDCs. The BDCs has, however, denied the report. The management of the BOST, led by Kwame Awuah Darko, its Managing Director, is yet to speak to the content of the audit report, as well as the rebuttal from the BDCs.

Mr. Horsi insists, “The selective voice recording being circulated was not in any way related to the BOST stock audit… There is therefore no confession to the allegations associated and concocted in respect of the stock audit.”

The Herald is meanwhile chasing various audit reports on the operations of BOST dating back to the period of Mr. Addo-Yobo.

There is also one report said to have carried out at the insistence of the Energy Minister, Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah, and was chaired by one Mrs. Agbenoto, which made adverse findings on the operations of the BOST and some of its top officials. It took place during the tenure of Alhaji Hudu Yahya as Board Chairman.

The BDC, has been in the news after a leaked report from Ernst and Young (E&Y) indicted the Chamber and some officials of Bulk Oil Storage & Transportation Co. Ltd (BOST) in a massive corruption scandal.

There appear to be about three audit report on the BOST so far; two are hidden. It is only the Ernst and Young procured at the insistence of the management of the BOST, which is making the rounds.

According to the CEO of the BDCs, the said tape was a confidential recording of a testimony he gave three years ago before a Ministerial committee set up to look into complaints lodged by Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs) of extortion by some BOST officials in time past.

“We were the victims and not the accomplices. The recording was formally done and was not a secret tape. It was held in confidence by the Ministry of Petroleum and other committee members under an oath of secrecy,” he stressed.

Mr. Horsi, further blamed the Managing Director of BOST, Kwame Awuah Darko of leaking the said tape. He explained that the recording from the Ministerial committee was made available to Mr. Awuah Darko when he assumed office.

“It is an indictment on the Ministry of Petroleum that the recording, bound by oaths of secrecy, was leaked to the media only after making a copy available to the MD of BOST,” he claimed.

Investigate BOST MD, Awuah Darko, the BDC is, therefore, calling on the Minister for Petroleum to initiate an investigation to ascertain how “such a sensitive file was leaked to the media and has been actively circulated.”

They are also appealing to the President, John Mahama and the sector Minister to constitute an investigative committee to look into the issues of reconciliation and allegations of bribery, as well as the leakage of the confidential tape.

Horsi, however, served notice that while his outfit is calling for the formation of the said committee, “it is fair to understand that BOST will be liable for any accruing financial costs for delayed payments of its liabilities to BDCs.”
He further urged all government officials and the general public not to be misguided by the stories circulating in the media.

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