Boniface Should Stop Promoting Divide And Rule Tactics In Madina


On Wednesday, May 1, our smooth talking Member of Parliament, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, launched his maiden monthly clean -up exercise to mark this year’s ‘Worker’s Day’ celebrations.

Surreptitiously, missing in his quest to keep Madina clean is members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Ghana, is a blessed country, the reason why we have remained stagnant, is because our leaders have mastered the art of divide and rule.

Our current crop of leaders, have eroded the gains made by the founding fathers of this country, why should it be said that, a country which immediately after independence, was assembling cars, manufacturing shoes, alcoholic beverages, etc, is now importing everything, including  charcoal.

When Alhaji Boniface Abubakar launched his bid for the Madina Constituency seat, he christened his campaign “Mission Madina”.

The understanding of all who bought into his idea of Mission Madina, was that he was going to be father-for-all.

He was expected to at least, if he is not able to leave any legacy worthy of praise, he would have worked to unite the people of Madina.

Unfortunately,  since getting the overwhelming endorsement of the people, regardless of political affiliation, all he has done was to live the Constituency more divided than he came to meet it.

With Alhaji Boniface we had hope, hope we have lost in Amadu Sorogho, who for all the years he represented us, was a waste. In 2016, not only did the residents of Madina, elect for the first an New Patriotic Party candidate to represent them in Parliament, but the NPP presidential candidate also won the Constituency.

Anticipation, they say is often sweeter than realization. Alhaji Boniface, is yet to live up to his promises.

There is one road in Madina, which has been a major concern to the people, the road which passes in front of the office of the MP, as well as his house, was started last year.

The road, had gone from bad to worse, it contributed to the loss of Amadu Sorogho, who did not pay heed to the calls to have the road fixed.

Alhaji Boniface, as one of his promises was that, he will ensure that road is worked on, as soon as possible.

We heaved a sigh of relief, when a contractor came to site to begin constructing the road.  It was a painful experience, as dug outs which were to be deposited elsewhere were used to block access route to peoples home.

The road, as I write has been abandoned making it unmotorable, motorists now have to endure the excruciating experience of using it.

The story about who the contract was subleted to, will be told soon.

I am a worried man today, I am worried because the man we voted for to unite us, is embarking on a path that, will leave the Constituency without anything.

The day, he was elected and when he subsequently took the oath of office in the August House, Alhaji Boniface has ceased to belong to only NPP members. He has assumed the role of a father to the Constituency, regardless of political differences.

Alhaji Boniface, came to the people during campaigning as someone, who will transcend politics, he assured the people, the interest and wellbeing of all the people is paramount to his agenda.

Dirt, knows no political coloration, sickness borne out of dirt, does not know who is NPP and NDC.

When the erstwhile government, instituted the clean your environment campaign, which was observed on the first Saturday of every month, it was done with the inclusion of all, except the NPP, who feel Ghana belongs to them and for as long as it is the NDC that is in the helm of affairs, it will not take part in anything good, boycotted the exercise.

Despite their indifference, it was a programme that was opened to all. Although, like many before it, like the clean Ghana campaign embarked upon by the late Vice-President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama, it made some strive, except to say, we could have done better.

When president Akufo-Addo, pledged to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, he did not say, he was going to exclude members of the NDC, because it is going to be possible, with the collective collaboration of all.

Alhaji Boniface has since his election, putting his wrong foot forward and what happened on Workers Day was no exception.

How do you organize a maiden clean up exercise, with only members of your party, it does not speak well of an MP, who was elected largely on skirt and blouse voting.

One of the things that the MP should pursue more vigorously is the unity of the Constituency. There is so much mutual suspicion in the country blamed on our fault lines too much partisanship.

Alhaji Boniface, should he be able to achieve his dream of making Madina clean, he should bring everyone on board.

No one, who is sane and conscious of the dangers associated with living in filth, will turn down a genuine and sincere offer to help clean his or her environment.

Timing is important in the things we do, the maiden exercise, should have been used as a means to unite the people and preach to them, the need to get on board, as Madina is for all of them
Alhaji Boniface, back in Parliament, can be said to have achieved a remarkable record, to be an MP in Salaga, lose the Seat and come to win one in Accra, when it is rather the other round.

Madina is too cosmopolitan and too matured to be enmeshed in politics of hate and division. The MP, must rise above partisanship and behave like the father that, he should be, embrace all.


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