Boniface Abubakar Must Fix the Road In Front Of His Office

The road in front of the office of the Member of Parliament for Madina and the Minister of Zongo And Inner City Development, can compete for one of the bad roads in Ghana.

Not only can it compete, it will make a good showing, as far as roads with potholes are concerned.

This particular road that passes in front of Boniface Abubakar’s office leads to the main Madina market and lorry station.

It is such a major road, although it is called new road, it is in a bad shape and as the rains are due to set in, residents do not know how to cope.

The Herald, has on several occasions drawn the attention of authourities to the bad nature of that road. Residents of Madina, have been largely peaceful and have demonstrated their displeasure through the thumb.

The last election was a testament to that, as for the first time since the Constituency was created, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) won both the presidential and parliamentary polls.

If Boniface Abubakar, will not do the road for the people of Madina, he should at least do it for himself, as he has two buildings along that road.

It is sad that despite all the amount of money that the municipal assembly generates, on a daily basis, the Assembly, has shown that it does not have the interest of Madina at heart.

We have said before and still maintain that, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Madina, Ms Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi, does not have what it takes to steer the affairs of the assembly.

Since July 2017, when Ms Dede Afagbedzi, was elected as the MCE, the Assembly is yet to elect a presiding officer.

Without a presiding officer, it means the assembly is not able to convey a general meeting, let alone take a decision on any developmental issues affecting the municipality.

Roads are major gateways to any country or geographical space, it is therefore it behoves on the authorities to pay critical and particular attention to major roads.

The Member of Parliament, Boniface Abubakar, must show leadership, the clock is ticking, he does not have the luxury of time, as the residents of Madina, are losing patient.






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