Boniface Abubakar; Madina Roads Are Going From Bad To Worse


The deplorable state of the Madina roads, have been a bother to residents in and around the surrounding communities. The inconvenience to road users can only be imagined.

The Madina roads, tell a story of what is the situation on many other roads in the capital that are caving in due to overuse.

Early this year, after the change of government and the election of a new Member of Parliament (MP), attempts were made to rehabilitate the roads, which have become a burden to both drivers and commuters.

For years, residents of Madina, have been crying for a solution, so it came to them as sigh of relief, when the Member of Parliament, together with deputy minister of Roads and Highways, Anthony Karbo toured the dilapidated roads and work begun immediately on some of them.

Some parts were done, leaving the most important portion of the road, with the contractor abandoning the work.

Moving from every part of Madina to the market, where the lorry station is also located, paint a picture of the horror commuters, have to endure in order to get to their destinations.

Disrepair that is the status of the nation’s road network is having its negative impact on the economy generally as a result of man hours wasted and deaths recorded.

The situation is made worse by the lack of discipline of trotro drivers, who commute around the market. The police, who obviously are expected to maintain law and order, have also not live up to expectation.

We are, however, appealing to Boniface Abubakar, to get the contractor back to site, to complete the work, he has started. Campaigning starts the day, you were sworn-in, residents of Madina should not be made to suffer because, as a politician, you are waiting for 2020, in order to complete what you have started.

The situation is getting worse by the day, adding to the deterioration is damage caused by flooding during the annual rainy season, as well as other climatic conditions. The earlier a solution is found, the better for all the people using Madina roads.

The cost of spare parts is high, when one drives in front of Melcom towards the market twice, the person is likely to have his or her shocks changed. As a fast developing municipality, the state of its roads, does not match up to its status.


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