Boakye Agyarko Must Address The Incessant Fuel Price Increases

Ghanaians are the most patient people you will find on the surface of the earth, they take a lot of things for granted, they joke over even the most serious of issues, but the rate at which fuel prices are going up, must be a course of concern, not only for the government, but the citizenry as well.

The government inherited petrol price of GH¢14 per gallon, today the same is selling for GH¢24 at the pump.

The implication for the increases has far reaching consequences, as the cascading effect can be felt at every sector of the economy and facet of society.

The government is long on promises, but short on delivery, the disappointment of Ghanaians can be mitigated, if the government can get a handle on the prices of fuel.

It is projected that, price of Brent crude on the world market, will continue going up, the price of Brent (Oil) as at closing of trade yesterday was at US$79.04 up by 0.33, representing 0.42 percent.

What the upward trend presents to us is a double urge sword, as an oil producing country we stand to gain, but at the same time measures must be put in place to ensure that Ghanaians are not unnecessarily burdened at the pump.

Instead of the Energy minister, Boakye Agyarko, thinking outside the box and coming out with solutions that will help mitigate the suffering of Ghanaians, he is at his destructive best, proposing that the only oil refinery we have in this country, Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), should be turned into a tank farm.

The plan is to run down TOR, make it moribund and then have the justification to sell it off as scrap. What cost benefit analysis, has been undertaken that suggests turning TOR into a tank farm is more beneficial to this country.

Over the years, TOR, has been turned into a storage facility, taking over the mandate of Bulk Oil Storage Transportation (BOST), whiles Nigeria is witnessing an increase in the number of refineries being built, we are closing down the only one we have, because of another promise to build a new refinery in the Western region.

Cluelessness is becoming the hallmark of the Energy minister, his suggestion that, some people are plotting to bomb our oil pipes is one example that, is enough to get him out of job.

The tax payer deserves better.


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