Blocking Roads For Repairs Durring Rush Hours Is A Menace


Roads are the wheels that drive development all over the world, and Ghana is no exception, that is why leaders and countries spend so much in building and expanding road networks.

In Ghana, an unfortunate trend seems to drive the way roads are either built or rehabilitated. Roads are sometimes block or half of the road taken over in the mornings during rush hours for construction works.

What do we understand by productivity and do we have a sense of it, such that at a time when workers must get to work and contribute their quota to the Gross Domestic Product, part of the money that is used for the roads, he or she must spend productive hours on the road, because someone failed to think.

On Tuesday, there was heavy traffic on the Teshie-Labadi road, because rehabilitation works on that stretch of the road around the La Plam Royal Beach Hotel.

Common sense, could have informed whoever took the decision to block part of the road that, in the morning, the traffic flows from Teshie-Labadi-Accra or Circle. In the evening it is the opposite when workers close from work. So we could be efficient by blocking part of the road from Teshie-Labadi in the evening, when the road is free of traffic.

What happens to the nights and weekends, when the roads seem to be free? Elsewhere we read and hear that roads are constructed in the night, the purpose is to save the country money, as well as not inconveniencing motorists.

In this country, we do not conduct any meaningful research, the only researchers we have are only good at predicting who wins elections or not, leaving critical sectors of the economy to suffer.

Someone or an institution must be in a position to conduct a survey to find out how much the country losses, when contractors decide to block roads during rush hours for construction, a situation that will never happen in any civilized society.

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