Bleoobi Others Inducted Into Asere Divisional Council


The Asere Divisional Council under the Ga Traditional Council in the Greater Accra Region, has inducted the following: Chief of Akotoshi; Nii Okai-koi I, Nii Basahene Nsro I, Dzasetse of Akotoshi and Asafoiatse, Nii Afoto I into the council to steer the affairs of the Akotoshi village near Amassaman.

TheAkotoshi area served as one the food baskets of the stool when the late GaManste D.P Hammond was ruling the Ga state in the early 1900s.

Even though, the area is among one of the fastest growing peri-urban areas in the region, it has been without a substantive chief, since Nii Amoah Kofi died.

Reports culled from chiefs list have it that Nii Amoah Kofi ruled Akotoshi from 1909 to 1911 under the tutelage of the late Ga Manste, D.P Hammond.

The area is also among the 53 villages that are under the Asere Divisional Council with its secretariat at Kaneshie, a suburb in Accra.

The 54- year old newly inducted Chief of Akotoshi known in private life as Seth Nii Ayikwe Hammond and the 63- year old Dzasetse also known in private life as Solomon AmarteyCommey; swore their allegiances to Nii Amarkai III, the Dzasetse and Acting Asere Mantse.

The colourful induction ceremony was graced by the following: elders of the Asere Divisional Council Nii Oyieninaa TeikoTagoe, Head of Agbon ruling house, Nii Ardet Ansah –Hill, the Administrative Stool Secretary, Nii Blasé I, Akwarshongtse of Ardeman, Asafoiatse Okpoti of Asere Stool, and
Asafoiatse Okudzeman of Odorkor.

Others are Nii Ayite Kane I; Kaneshie Mantse, Nii Ashie Mensah, Ajenkotoku Dzasetse, Nii Adu Out I, Mankrolo of Ardeman, Nii Lante Kwao I, Omandjor Dzasetse, Asafoiatse Laaye of Okaiman and Nii Abonsieku I, Asere Abese Manste.

Admitting the Chiefs into the council after they have been nominated by their various r houses in the Asere area, Nii Amarkai III, reminded the newly inducted Chiefs that they are just caretakers of the stool under the Asere Divisional Council.

He said, at no point in the administration of the village under the council will they assume ownership of the properties of the stool.

He made it clear that they are only caretakers who will seek the interest of the Asere stool as well as the indigenes of the said village.

He advised the chiefs and elders to govern with consensus and not unnecessarily lord over the people in the area.

Declaring his allegiance to the stool and the elders gathered at the council, Nii Okaiikoi I, said he would be at the service and beckon of the

He pledged to operate under the guide of the elders of the stool and not that of his own volition as Chief of Akotoshi.

He promised to serve the people with clean hands and be truthful in all his dealings with the people in the area.

The former student of Accra Academy and a member of the Bleoobi 83- year group, took the opportunity to thank the elders of the Asere stool for the honour done them.

He disclosed that for litigations and land guards activities to be curtailed in the Greater Accra Region, institution like Land Commission and Land
Tittle Registry must be made to do a retrospection of the origin of the villages before lands in these villages under stool are released to

He called on the Land Title Registry to seek clearance from the Land Commission before lands in the region are allocated to individuals and prospective developers.

“Majority of the villages in the peri-urban areas is owned by the various divisional stools under the Ga Traditional Council and is about time the state institutions are made aware before allocating these divisional stool lands to individuals,” he stressed.

According to him, by so doing the courts would be free from the needless litigations over land acquisition and further halt the land guard activities that have plagued the region.

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