Blame Traders For High Cost Of Goods – Catholic Bishop


The Metropolitan Archbishop of Kumasi Catholic Diocese, Most Rev. Thomas Mensah is blaming some Ghanaian traders for the ever-increasing cost of goods in the markets.

According to the Rev. Mensah, most of the traders have become too greedy and the incessant drive to always get bigger profits on their wares is the cause of the increases.

The Catholic Bishop is the latest person to call on traders to stop hiking prices all in the quest for excessive profits.

“…the traders hardly think of the common good of all of us hence they increase unit prices at the markets even when government has not caused an increase…,” Most Rev Mensah said.

Speaking to Nhyira FM’s Isaac Normenyo during the second Laity Diocesan Congress in Obuasi, the man of God was of the firm conviction that until Ghanaians change their ‘greedy’ attitudes, there would never be a change in the country.

“No government can transform Ghana for the better if we do not change our attitude…we cannot continue to increase prices when the government has not done so and expect a better society.”

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