Black Toyota Corolla Burgled On The N1 Highway


By Cecil Mensah

There was long silence and surprise on the faces of passersby along the George Walker Bush N1 Highway’s pavement, when a black Toyota Corolla vehicle with registration number GE 8025-11 parked on the shoulders of the road, was robbed in the Abeka-Lapaz area.

Residents of the densely populated area in the Accra metropolis, were shocked to the marrow, when the car parked along the road near the Abeka Lapaz to 37 stations near the Access Bank, was robbed in the wee hours of the morning of Wednesday June 17, 2015.

The parked car, was broken into by some men believed to be assailants and trailing the driver from his abode.

The assailants broke into the black saloon car when he (the driver), had pulled over to visit a friend, who was also a commercial driver at the station.

The assailants after cutting the security locks of the car, opened the boot and bolted away with a whopping two thousand seven hundred Ghana Cedis, hidden in the trunk of the car, leaving behind the car papers and land title deed that were in a bag in the rear of the car.

Narrating his ordeal to passersby, a young man, whose is believed to be the driver and name was not readily available, said the crime was committed by people, he believes knew he had such an amount of money in the trunk of the car.

According to him, it is only a few friends and family, who are aware; he had that amount of money in his possession and particularly in the trunk of the car.

He told passersby, including The Herald’s scouts present at the scene, there was an earlier attempt on the car at home by some individuals, who attempted to rob the items in the vehicle, but were scared off by the presence of a gentleman sleeping in the car as of the time of the attempted robbery and bolted away.

He expressed shocked about how the robbers got wind of the items in the car and robbed it at the full glare of the residents and the food vendors in the area without being noticed.

According to the commercial drivers, the four security locks that were cut by the robbers and taken away would cost about six hundred Ghana Cedis to fixed.

They claimed that, it is the situation with the spare parts of Toyota vehicles in recent times and particularly under the current economic situation.

It was, however, not clear whether the issue of the burglary would be reported to the Lapaz community Police post situated not far from the Standard Chartered Bank office in the area.

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