Black South Africans Must Bow Their Head In Shame


The new wave of xenophobic attacks on black Africans resident in South Africa (SA) by their fellow black hosts, is one that will not leave Africa the same.

There must be severe consequences. The stench of black South Africans, has gone upwards, and now should that nation begin to fall behind so terribly before Africa and the world.

We are so convinced that that SA is paying back good with evil, and evil shall never depart from their household. South Africa is sick.

We call on the African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) and especially our President, John Dramani Mahama, being the president of ECOWAS, to consider a set of appropriate sanctions that will affect not only South African businesses and their government but citizens too.

We must as a continent send a strong message that Africa will never tolerate such un-African conduct from fellow Africans on the continent.

African brothers and sisters, are being maimed in an ungrateful nation, having their hard-earned wealth destroyed or taken away from them.

While the white minority rule prevails in South Africa, black migrants were not slaughtered on the streets of that country for “taking away jobs meant for black South Africans.”

But now that blacks control government and whites control their economy, South Africans, now blame the failure of hope and promise of a “free” South Africa on their fellow black Africans.

How blind they are! Their misplaced aggression is an example of extra-punitive aggression. What really, did the black freedom fighters of South Africa accomplish? Yes, South Africa now has a black president.

When you control the imagination of a man, you can push him against even his brethren.

Of what use is political power without economic power? He that controls the economy determines who gets the jobs.

Black South Africans must know what the real problem is, and not the slaughtering black Africans on their streets, this cannot make them cleaner, nor bring them the jobs they lack for years.

They have betrayed the late Nelson Mandela and all the freedom fighters, like Steve Beko and the rest of African leaders, who stood with them until they gained their independence.

They should all bow down their heads in shame, what binds us as Africans is stronger than job opportunities.

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