Biometric Voter’s Register Cannot Be Bloated –UFP


By Cecil Mensah

The United Front Party (UFP), a splinter political group of the largest opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), has deflated the claims of Dr Mahamadu Bawumia that, the voters’ register was bloated with close to 80,00 foreign nationals.

According to the Ashanti Regional based political party, the current Biometric Voter’s Register in the possession of the Electoral Commission (EC), cannot be bloated because; the register has the capacity to expunge double registrations.

“There is no way the 2012 Biometric Voters’ Register (BVR) could be bloated even though there is no way Ghana can have a perfect voters register because of deaths,’’ he posited‘

He said the issue of death has become a factor for ensuring a perfect register, and it is a factor because if any one dies tomorrow, “we are not likely to go to the EC, to say my brother or sister died yesterday so, remove his or her name from the register”

According to him, this can only be done, if the EC opens the register for exhibition for voters to raise protest.

He said, even that the onerous was not on the EC to go round asking for peoples who have died and people have been born.

He said, the onus lies on Ghanaians to chase EC to tell it officers that, they have lost a relative to have his or her name removed from the register.

So, the issue of death will continue to be blight to the voters, because Ghanaians seldom report death.

He noted it was extreme for the NPP to say the voters register was bloated with foreign nationals.

He questioned the rationale by the NPP to say aliens are on the register because there are Ghanaians who are married to Togolese, Burkinabe and
Ivoirians in the sub-region.

If this is the NPP’s logic, then what happens to their children who can call themselves Ghanaians or otherwise, this logic makes nonsense of the Dual Citizenship agenda championed by the NPP in government.

As it is now, voting is a secret exercise so, the register cannot inure to the benefit of one particular political party.
The EC cannot tell whether, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President John Mahama or the flagbearer of UFP, will vote for themselves on the day of voting, because the exercise is secret.

Mr Listowel Nana Kusi-Poku, the General Secretary of UFP made this claim in an exclusive interview with The Herald in Accra in reaction to the call by the NPP for the compilation of a new voter’s register for the 2016 elections.

The relatively unknown politician who was one time a radio presenter in the Kumasi metropolis, said the attempt to put this case before political parties for their support is wrong, if the NPP has case they should present it to Ghanaians to decide.

He said what is needed is for the parties yearning to contest the 2016 elections is to call for an audit of the current register and not doing away with it.

The party scribe who has filed a writ at the Labour and industrial division of the Accra High Court claiming that the strike by the GMA demanding that “ the doctors was quite disturbing in view of the crucial role medical doctors play in any nation’s life” said the NPP must not be allowed to hoodwink the Electoral Commission (EC) into compiling a new voter’s register ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections.

He minces no words to say the UFP is not in support of the calls by the NPP for a compilation of a new voter register.
If the 2012 voters register is bloated there so many ways to clean it and not the compilation of a new one.

He argued that if the NPP says there are aliens on the register they must prove it as per the logic that” he who alleges must prove”.

It is not in the domain of the EC prove there are aliens on the register because the decision to compile a new register lies in the belly of the EC.

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