Between GITMO 2 and Military Base; Which Is More Dangerous?

The political party that opposed a humanitarian gesture extended by president John Mahama to grant amnesty to two Guantanamo Bay detainees,   have turned around to mortgage the sovereignty of the country to the United States of America (USA).

Governments exist to help people, who can’t help themselves, but the current Nana Addo government is only interested in mortgaging the sovereignty of this country for a pittance.

A decision such as allowing the United States of America, to set up a military base in Ghana, has far reaching consequences for the unborn generation, who did not have a say in taking the decision.

America, has always prided itself with a tagline of having permanent interest, not permanent friends. So whatever the government is thinking, it should bear in mind that, Ghana is not a friend to the United States, we are only an interest to serve a particular agenda.

Ghana, has had a long standing bilateral relations with America, which does not and must not include, allowing the USA to establish a military base, give them tax waivers, and immunity to its personnel, who might misconduct themselves.

If the USA is genuine in its dealings and they are convinced with clear conscience that, the reason for establishing a military base, is a noble one, why include an immunity clause in the agreement.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), raised objection when president Mahama, on humanitarian grounds, accepted to host two Guantanamo Bay detainees, who have been found to pose no risk to any country. They have not been pronounced guilty of any acts of terrorism, but were rather kept against their will violating their fundamental human rights in the process.

The proponents of rule of law were not comfortable with Ghana, hosting the detainees, today they are given unimpeded access to the United States military to do in this country as they deem fit.

Principle dictates that, you don’t oppose something in opposition and find it convenient when you are in power, that is double standard and this government has exhibited it too much.


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